Humble Beginnings Have Led To Success For Rapper 713 Nino

Photo Credit: 713 Nino

Photo Credit: 713 Nino

Hailing from Mobile, Alabama a lack of guidance and support often left the up-and-coming hip hop artist 713 Nino to fend for himself. The rapper grew up in the inner city and always strived to be that someone who could eventually be respected in his community.

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Fortunately enough, that opportunity was granted through music — and once 713 Nino got started, he never looked back.

Music was always something 713 Nino found himself listening to in his free time and constantly thought about what his music would sound like. Eventually, he couldn’t hold that passion back and decided to start recording back in 2020. The independent artist has thrived ever since.

713 Nino brings a unique skill set to the table. He possesses a bar-for-bar style that could compete with any of the rising rappers today. His latest single “Litty” is a perfect representation of that. There is a lot of promise for the Alabama product moving forward as he plans to be more consistent in his releases.

713 hopes all his songs offer “a fresh perspective” and the rapper is said to be releasing a new EP any day now.

Keep up with 713 Nino’s journey on Instagram. You can also listen to his library on Spotify.