Pushing herself to the extreme Limits is what Brendash V’s Music is All About

Photo Credit: Brendash

Photo Credit: Brendash

There are just some people that have the ‘IT Factor’. From the first time you see Mexico’s songstress Brendash V, you can tell that she is a star.

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In a world where everyone wants to be famous, there are some people who do not have to try. The singer embodies the grace of Alana Baraz & Lana Del Rey combined with the appeal that can only be rivaled by Rihanna. The urban pop star reaches deep inside her soul to find content for her introspective yet relatable tracks.

She is a Mexican multi-talented artist in creative photography, artistic filmmaking, music production, and committed entrepreneurship. She has a history of working with amazing personalities. Brenda Valdovinos began her career in 2018 when she founded her own brand Brendash Weddings Company. In 2022 founded MVRS Weddings and Brendash Weddings Music Label based on healing sound techniques, she also realized her first album: KIN – With thousands of listeners in the first weeks.

Brendash V’s latest single “Amor Mio” has amassed over ten thousand streams within the first two hours of release. She has since locked herself in the studio only coming out to record covers for her vast social media following.

The singer plans to release more new hot singles to keep her fans stunned. The amazing artist and influencer have also been quite a hoot for her fans and music lovers with an electrifying performance at multiple events.

AMOR MIO ” is out now on all music platforms. Did summer just get hotter?

Let’s make some noise. Listen to her track on Spotify.