Pursue Your Passion, and Everything Will Fall Into Place Shares Musician, Nick Malak

Photo Credit: Nick Malak

Photo Credit: Nick Malak

Passion is a natural and relentless feeling toward a definite goal. Passionate people are undeterred by challenges, setbacks, and failures they encounter along the way and endure to accomplish their goals.

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In addition, passionate people are persistent, hardworking, and dependable, have a positive mindset, and also believe in their abilities compared to their less passionate fellows. But it is also important to hone the necessary skills to achieve your career goal and live the independent and financially-stable life of your dreams.

Nick Malak is a renowned musician from the south side of Florida. He was born in a low-income family and experienced many difficulties growing up. Unfortunately, Nick could not attend high school due to financial constraints, which prompted him to secure a dishwashing job in a Florida hotel. Having been passionate about music ever since he could remember, Nick was often heard singing while performing his duties. His workmates were always thrilled by his singing and encouraged him to keep practicing. Nick worked extremely hard to save enough money to fund his music production. After work, he spent time listening to music and compiling his own.

Three years later, Nick Malak saved enough money to produce his music and looked for an affordable studio in the neighborhood.

Producers were amazed by his unparalleled talent. His first music release was mind-blowing and attracted many listeners, which motivated him to produce more captivating tracks that propelled him to stardom. To date, Nick has over two million followers across his social media handles and has garnered tens of millions of streams. He is now a global name and mostly plays on stages around the UK and US.

Although Nick is successful, he experienced a significant hiccup while trying to venture into his career. He approached several prominent artists to co-sign him to a record label, but they all declined. Nick did not give up and explored the advantages of producing music independently.

“I don’t have deadlines and contracts as I am my own boss and consequently have the freedom to work out my work schedule. I can do what I want; perform what/where I want, and own copyrights of my work and a long-run turnover. I also control my career regarding my music’s direction and creative content and also receive more because I am my own record label and thus get the entire earnings from all my tracks,” says Nick.

Nick Malak observes that as an upcoming artist, it does not matter where you come from or how much money you have.

If you have a passion, pursue it. Regrettably, most upcoming musicians think they need fancy producers and record labels to create music, but this is not the case. Nick advises that you should follow your passion, work hard and smart, be persistent, and everything else will fall in place. He looks forward to creating more captivating music, becoming a hit singer, and eventually playing tours around the world.