Florida Based Hip-Hop Artist Siddy Rich’s Rise to Stardom

Photo Credit: Siddy Rich
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Photo Credit: Siddy Rich
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Photo Credit: Siddy Rich

Being a great musician is no assurance of fame. Many still struggle to find the recognition they seek even after years of work.

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As a musician, you need to work hard, have endless enthusiasm, and defined strategies to achieve your desired level of fame.

These strategies include working on your music skills and identifying an audience that resonates with your music. You must also brand and market yourself as a musician and collaborate with renowned industry figures who will help you navigate the ever-competitive industry. It would also be best to build your own following and never give up. Siddy Rich is a Florida-based artist of Haitian descent who is making headlines in the music scene.

Siddy Rich’s real name is Sid Richardson. The hip hop enthusiast believes he is the most exclusive artist the music industry will ever see. Siddy Rich was born in Haiti but relocated to the US at a young age. “My parents decided to take a leap of faith and got on the raft to come to America for a better life when I was nine. However, I was detained in the Guantanamo Bay prison camp. I think I have done and seen it all from a young age and am ready to kick the door in the music industry,” Siddy shares.

The artist has been in the industry for almost ten years. He rose to fame in 2015 following the release of his hit single, “Str8 Like Dat”. “The track created a regional buzz for me in 2015 from middle Georgia to central Florida. Amazingly, it also allowed me to work with the Coalition DJs of Atlanta and Street N Greet. I also toured with Bigga Rankin and shared a stage with big-name artists such as Lil Poppa, Moneybagg Yo, and Black Youngsta, among others,” Siddy adds.

Siddy Rich is  a member of  Vodou Music Group, a recording label based in Polk County, Florida.

Popularly known as the Vodou Gang, the music label  was launched a few months ago in collaboration with Siddy’s fellow artists namely Chauncy, Lapa, and Juss Lukk. With a unique take on music, the group seamlessly qualified to join the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) which protects  the creative freedom of artists.

From the beginning, the Vodou Music Group members recognized they had an unparalleled approach and decided to enter the space without sacrificing their distinctive style. The group feels that positivity has been missing in the music industry, so all their songs aim to spread positivity and have helped people think and act clearly through their tunes. They released their first official single song, “Acknowledgement”, on March 18, 2022, on YouTube. The track broke the airwaves and gained 30K plus views on the platform along with lots of rave reviews from their audience within a month.

The Vodou Music Group LLC founder discloses that “Acknowledgement” is a contemporary take on electronic music that is heard-hitting yet soul-soothing. The four talented artists have showcased their proficiency in mixing rhythms with electrifying beats into lucid lyrics. The tune is licensed by TuneCore and includes appealing visuals that impeccably match its mood.

Siddy concludes by revealing that he wishes to see himself and Vodou Music Group, LLC, scaling to greater heights and probably becoming the next Yo Gotti and CMG, respectively.