Reprtoir Evolves: New Solutions and Pricing Plans Focused on Facilitating Labels and Music Management Companies

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Reprtoir is now simplifying its multi-product offering and switching to plan-based pricing with four major tiers. With the B2B shift, Reprtoir’s CMS is now courting bigger companies.

Juggling a list of digital chores can quickly become overwhelming for even the most well-staffed of labels. But that spells opportunity for those that dare to manage the chaos.

Enter Reprtoir, which has daringly grouped disparate musical assets into a comprehensive content management system. With Reprtoir, files, playlists, contracts, accounting details, and analytics can be organized in one place, even for the largest companies. Reprtoir’s updated, B2B-focused model now aims to offer more simplified organization and a dose of sanity for overloaded teams and companies.

Reprtoir says its streamlined SaaS workspace helps labels, management agencies, and others focus more on music development, release strategies, monetization ideas, and royalty accounting and management. Transitioning clutter and disorganization into actionable strategy is the name of the game. Just recently, Reprtoir and Digital Music News joined forces to expand awareness of the retreaded platform.

Regarding the timing of its model overhaul, Reprtoir says it completed its pricing transition in June. But the planning for this change had been in the works for over two years, with lots of client consultation involved.  “We have been working as closely as possible with our customers to understand their needs and methods, and we acknowledged them to create our new model,” commented Mathilde Neu, Content Manager at Reprtoir.

Apart from the streamlined solutions and modified pricing, there are other changes that current Reprtoir customers will notice.

For starters, customers are now billed in US dollars, no matter their country of origin. With a per-user pricing model, each plan now includes a limited number of authorized users, from a one-user limit in the Starter Plan to 10 users for the Enterprise Plan (though subscribers can add more users for a fee). Moreover, tracks, videos, and works are pooled under the name ‘Assets,’ with the Starter Plan facilitating 5,000 Assets, incrementally increasing to 100,000 Assets for Enterprise subscribers.

Features such as Metadata Collector and Business Analytics are no longer offered as add-ons but are standard in all plans.

Customers can also subscribe yearly, gaining an immediate discount of one free month and spreading the royalty-processing quota over the entire year.

Reprtoir has streamlined its extensive portfolio of nine solutions and complementary add-ons. The company now offers four straightforward business solution categories: Catalog Management, Music Sharing, Release Builder, and Royalty Accounting.

Catalog Management replaces earlier products Audio Manager, Metadata Collector, Videos Manager, Works Manager, and CRM. The Music Sharing solution replaces Playlists for Business and Business Analytics. Release Builder will replace what was originally the Release Manager, while Royalty Accounting takes the place of Rights and Royalty Manager.

Reprtoir’s solutions are now focused solely on label and production company use.

“Reprtoir is changing to offer solutions more suited to the work methods we’ve been observing for a few years,” Neu continued. “Our habits are evolving, and to keep providing one of the most complete solutions on the market, we are taking the step to evolve.”

Reprtoir’s client portfolio includes labels like DeeVu Records, Big Star Recordings, Cleopatra Records, and Genencia 360, as well as organizations like ACEMLA — to name a few.

From a music management perspective, Reprtoir offers an all-in-one workspace for record labels and music publishers, allowing powerful collaboration and productivity solutions.

Catalog Management at Reprtoir is a state-of-the-art catalog management system for record labels and music publishers’ extensive portfolio of music assets. With sound recordings, musical works, albums, videos, releases, contributors, rights holders, and more — the SaaS platform places storage and management of tracks and metadata in one place.

As a comprehensive SaaS suite for labels and companies, bulk imports to Reprtoir with Spotify Importer or Reprtoir Sheets allow streamlined management of more extensive catalogs. From our review of the platform, the collaborative space will enable users to fill thousands of rows into an online spreadsheet quickly. Reprtoir’s team of data experts and developers will also assist label managers for free for complete catalog migration.

Moreover, an intelligent bot called ‘Metadata Enrichment’ autonomously collects data from the web. For music catalog management, users can also mass edit and utilize advanced filtering for business catalogs and data export, alongside hundreds of other features.

The Music Sharing solution creates and shares playlists, monitoring traffic in real-time and enabling sales teams to pitch tracks for sync and licensing deals faster. While keeping complete historical data with no retention limit, contact filtering displays real-time playlist analytics, keeping track of opened playlists, streams, and downloads. Linking content and release planning expedite delivery to any distribution company with all metadata updated.

Reprtoir’s Release Builder appears to be the only available solution for a persistent industry concern: the creation of pre-formatted metadata packages that are compatible with distributors. Tailor-made for labels and publishers, Reprtoir’s Release Builder allows its users to submit releases as pre-filled, bulk-upload spreadsheets for distribution platforms such as Believe or The Orchard.

For any other music distribution company, aggregator, or streaming download service, Reprtoir will set up a specific feed for submission on their CMS by creating custom import packages in Reprtoir’s workspace.

The Royalty Accounting solution is a ‘supercharged accounting solution built exclusively for labels and music publishers,’ the company says. Seamlessly handling a bulk of income fees, advances, and royalty statement processing, Reprtoir’s signature Automated Statement Mapper is compatible with standard files from dozens of retailers, distributors, aggregators, performance mechanicals, or neighboring rights organizations.

Label managers can add royalty breakdowns to assets while bulk-assigning contributors, rights holders, and roles to generate royalty statements.

Discussing the old pricing model, Reprtoir’s original announcement on their website states, ‘While the pricing was ideal for small structures, it was not ideal for medium and large companies. In the majority of cases, they’re dealing with yearly approved budgets. The lack of long-term vision quickly became a problem.’

Reprtoir also aims to ‘reward our users who commit to us in the long run, by offering discounts, and those using the authorized royalty processing amount for a long period.’

The four pricing subscriptions are Starter, available at $79 per month, Professional at $129 per month, Business at $299 per month, and Enterprise at $999.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the plans and their features. 

The Starter Plan is designed for companies that require only catalog management and music-sharing features—priced at $79 per month or $869 per year, with top features of Catalog Management, Metadata Enrichment, Contact Management, and Music Sharing. Starter Plan subscribers have access to email support, 100 GB of storage, and the ability to store and manage 5,000 assets.

The Professional Plan is tailor-made for small organizations that need advanced royalty management features. Priced at $129 per month or $1,419 per year, it includes everything offered in Starter but adds Release Builder, Contract Management, Royalty Accounting, and Sales Analytics. Professional Plan allows three users, 200 GB of storage, and the ability to store and manage 10,000 assets. It also enables users to process $20,000 of royalty statements per month, or $240,000 per year. The Professional Plan, like the Starter, offers email support.

The Business Plan subscription starts at $299 per month or $3,289 per year—and this is where the platform features get bigger and better. Built for medium-sized organizations that require more royalty management quotas, assets management, and storage, Reprtoir’s Business Plan includes all elements of the Professional Plan while adding Rights-Holders Portal, CWR Exports, and Multiple Organizations for five users.

With 500 GB storage and the ability to manage 25,000 assets, this plan allows royalty statement processing of $50,000 a month, or $600,000 a year. To meet the high-end demands of organizations, business assistance for this plan includes online documentation, email support, and chat support, available 24/7.

The Enterprise Plan fits the complex needs of labels and organizations that control large catalogs. Available at $999 per month or $10,989 per year, the plan includes all features of the three lower-tier subscription plans and adds Reprtoir API, Single Sign-on, and Customer Development. The numbers get big on this one, with the plan allowing ten users, 100,000 assets, 2TB of storage, and the ability to process $200,000 of royalty statements every month, or $2.4 million annually. Business assistance and support go beyond email and chat. This plan adds exclusive phone call support and a dedicated customer success manager to speed things up.

According to Neu, “Our transition into a platform for labels aligns with our long-term vision while making an impact on how the music industry transitions into the digital world.”