Abigail Spenser Hu’s Debut Single “Inward” Hits 1.6M Streams on Spotify

Photo Credit: Abigail Spenser Hu
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Photo Credit: Abigail Spenser Hu
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Photo Credit: Abigail Spenser Hu

There are always untold stories hidden behind all the songs and music you listen to, tales of musicians who’ve committed their entire lives to music. Just like palm prints, only musicians can recognize the stories of each of their professional trajectories.

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You need luck to succeed in this highly cutthroat, crowded industry. In the music business, success is complex and requires a lot. Many say they are passionate about music, but turning that passion into a career can be challenging. But only through unwavering commitment and perseverance can you achieve success.

Abigail Spenser Hu is an up-and-coming singer, songwriter, and influencer who has been featured in famous publications like Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Glazier cover, and Bazaar. The singer was born in China but attained her first-rate education in Canada and the United States. She has globe trotted, setting herself up as a nomadic artist and a citizen of the world. During the global pandemic, Abigail kept flexing her creative muscles and spent much time cooped up at her home in Los Angeles, aiming to enrich her debut project.

Abigail has been a lifelong artist, and while much of her focus stemmed from the visual realm, she has recognized that sound and music have always been part of the equation. She shares that music supports her in traversing life through multi-dimensional layers, letting her enjoy a motivating life full of art and wonder.

The singer-songwriter recently released her debut venture, “Inward,” which achieved over 1.6M streams on Spotify. “Inward” is about personal authorization, love, and conviction. The massive hit is an inspiration and gives the listener that much-needed dose of positivity in these strange times where uncertainty and self-doubt surface all too quickly.

According to Abigail Spenser Hu, the need to feel music unexpectedly boomed within her while she was painting two years ago.

She triumphed over obstacles to express her truth through visual expression while impulsively beginning to connect with the idea of sound

vibrations as an extension of the emotional way she sees. She shares that her songwriting is about tapping into her deepest emotions and channeling them in a way that feels free, and all her tracks are about tapping into self-expression.

The chorus in “Inward” runs deep as Abigail’s emotions well up, and she sings,

“Because I got you right in my hands. No need to be scared; if you feel alone,

I’ll get you through somehow. Baby, stand up now. I got you.” Detonating her way with words as she tears through her audience’s emotions with a single line filled with faith, passion, and victory. The debut project will be remembered as the song that strengthened the much-admired music artist’s place within the music industry with her gorgeous voice and emotional lyricism.

Abigail struggles to handle her emotions. Nonetheless, she suggests learning new perspectives through travel and finding new ways of doing things to break traditions. On the other hand, the idea of wealth does not excite the singer, and she wishes to keep elevating others rather than becoming a superstar. She wants to share good art through music with people, change the world for the better, and become influential in some way. She concludes, “I would love to appear at festivals and become a leading artist in dance, pop, and EDM too.”