Prolific Music Star Matt Cooper Shares His Journey to Success

Photo Credit: Matt Cooper
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Photo Credit: Matt Cooper
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Photo Credit: Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper is a talented singer-songwriter who’s on the rise to music stardom. Matt is charging forward with his first radio single, “Ain’t Met Us Yet.”

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The feel-good ballad will give you serious wedding vibes. Before its release, the song was teased on social media, receiving a combined 22 million views. After it was officially released in late spring, it would hit number one overall on the iTunes All-Genre Sales Chart. Matt enjoys a solid social media presence of over a million followers on TikTok.

However, it can be challenging to be an independent artist and get your music out there. It demands tireless, strategic marketing to not only reach your audience but also get to introduce your sound to new ears. Fortunately, social media has made it easier for artists to reach their target audience, and that’s how Matt is building a name for himself in the game. TikTok, in particular, has been a big avenue for Matt, helping him reach thousands of music enthusiasts across the world.

2020 was also a challenging year for Matt Cooper.

The entertainment industry was hit mainly by the pandemic, locking down almost every activity. His mother was also diagnosed with cancer, an unfortunate event that set him back a little but also one that made him realize how powerful music can be and how much it can inspire people to keep on fighting. “That’s what I think. I like to write a lot of slow songs. I lean on music and my faith to help my mom keep on fighting,” Matt explains.

As a result, Matt went through phases where he hit writer’s block, but fortunately, he met some incredible minds, such as Tyler Shaw, Dylan Brady, and Tom Mann, who helped him bring his songs to life.

Matt now wants others to understand that not everything will be perfect. For instance, he recalls the many cases where he’d still go back and think to himself, “Oh, it would have been really cool if this instrument was here or if we did this in the video instead of that.” But today, Matt encourages others to understand that sometimes realizing that not everything’s going to be perfect brings you peace.

Matt Cooper also advises not wasting time comparing yourself to others.

Especially in the music industry, it is so easy to see someone your age having success while trying to catch up to them constantly; it’s exhausting. Being able to understand that there is a time for everything is valuable. But you must put in the work and constantly hone your craft, whether writing a song every day or practicing guitar. The more and more you practice, the better you’ll become.

Music is the language Matt understands best, and he envisions himself doing it for the longest possible. His dream is to continue releasing more tracks, collaborate with other top talents, and introduce his craft to new audiences. “I would love to still be making music! I’d also love to be able to play my songs to 20,000 of my closest fans at Madison Square Garden,” Matt sums up.