ZUEZEU’s Music is Hitting the Clubs and Everyone’s Loving It

Photo Credit: ZueZue
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Photo Credit: ZueZue
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Photo Credit: ZueZeu

Hawaii has always been known for its fresh, innovative food and culture. Now it’s also home to ZUEZEU, a young DJ quickly gaining international recognition.

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ZUEZEU is an up-and-coming music producer and DJ who is rapidly growing his following on the West Coast with sold-out shows in Hawaii and Los Angeles over the past year, as well as opening gigs for big-name artists like Acraze, Rich the Kid, Lee Foss, and Blueface.

Born out of love for genre-crossing musical styles, ZUEZEU has created an eclectic mix that caters to clubgoers with their feet on the dance floor and people at home listening to his soundscapes while going about their business. His energetic, fresh, and creative mixing style has resulted in a fresh take on dance music that has drawn crowds from all over the world.

ZUEZEU has just announced his latest single, Hurry, an energetic sound quickly making its way into nightclubs.

Hurry, is the perfect dance house track with its catchy hooks, heavy bass, and upbeat tempo. The song has received immense love from fans on social media platforms, with many describing it as “an absolute banger” and others asking when ZUEZEU’s dropping another one.

As an up-and-coming artist, ZUEZEU acknowledges that his success is not the norm. However, he quickly points out that it has nothing to do with luck, as many may assume. Instead, ZUEZEU discloses that he’s spent time and dedicated his efforts to building his energy and personality on stage. He’s also honed his mixing style and created a sound that sets him apart from a lot of other artists.

“I understood early in my career that to make it as a big DJ, I would also have to produce my own music,” he explains. “So, I started watching a lot of YouTube videos and tutorials and taught myself how to produce with no prior knowledge of music theory or anything about music production.” The hard work paid off as his skills gradually improved, and his prowess behind the deck gave him notoriety that preceded him in most rooms.

The past few months have been quite eventful for ZUEZEU as he’s played for various clubs in front of eager fans.

From the promoters to the management, ZUEZEU’s name has become synonymous with a “fun night” and a “good vibe.” He believes any aspiring music producer can achieve similar or greater success, but that won’t happen overnight.

“Content and branding are very important in this industry,” ZUEZEU observes. “Find what makes you different and capitalize on it. Become personable to the fans.” As the unofficial king of casual and fun nights in Hawaii, ZUEZEU has quite the following on different platforms and an audience that grows by the day. His energy has also attracted an impressive crowd from the West Coast, and he’s just getting started.

As his career takes off, ZUEZEU is ready to explore his abilities and hone his skills further. His dreams include touring worldwide, performing at huge music festivals, and eventually locking in a big residency in Ibiza or Las Vegas. He also hopes to grow his audience on different platforms and increase his fanbase in various parts of the world.