How Rapper YBE K@n5Er Is Using His Platform to Encourage Cancer Warriors

Photo Credit: Ybe
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Photo Credit: Ybe
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Photo Credit: YBE K@n5eR

Michael B. Dowell, well recognized by his stage name, YBE (Young Business Executive) K@n5eR, is a celebrated artist for all the right reasons. The rapper has devoted his talent to helping cancer patients by providing them with better medical resources to fight the disease or healing them with his soul-soothing music.

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To draw attention to this cause and spread awareness, Michael B. Dowell took the name K@n5eR. Due to real-world events that have shaped YBE K@n5eR’s outlook on life, he is now on a mission to assist others, especially cancer patients, in leading healthy and fulfilling lives.

YBE K@n5eR was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, but later relocated to North Carolina with his mother and little brother. He saw numerous members of his immediate family battle cancer throughout his childhood and even lose their lives to the disease. His aunt passed away from cancer while he was in her room, while his uncle, grandmother, and mother all battled the illness.

His mother, who overcame cancer, has served as his primary source of inspiration for the rapper. One of K@n5eR’s greatest assets, and the reason he keeps using his talent for good, is her assurance and fortitude in facing the disease.

YBE K@n5eR has loved music since he was young, but his aspirations to become a rapper were hampered.

The rapper made poor choices while living in North Carolina and was sent to prison. While this abruptly halted his ambitions, K@n5eR’s passion remained steadfast. He read about various rappers’ lives while in prison and listened to them perform. He also started following every rapper he could find to learn more about their brands and how they turned them into businesses.

After his release from prison, the artist relocated to Florida and began to advance his career. Regrettably, YBE K@n5eR fell back on hard times but eventually overcame it to continue to pursue his dream of becoming a rapper. His brand is currently being developed by a large team of artists, producers, managers, A&Rs, stylists, designers, and financial advisors.

Due to his refined sense of fashion and style, which combines colors, sparkling jewelry, and video aesthetics, YBE K@n5eR was nicknamed “Dr1pGodd.” YBE K@n5eR’s team shares his vision as they tirelessly work to develop his brand into a prosperous company. They are open to any opportunity and are working on his upcoming album, WelXome2Dr1p.

YBE K@n5eR doubles up as an entrepreneur; he owns a marketing company and a recording label, Gr1ndMobb, and plans to unveil his CBD line in collaboration with Taylor Mears soon.

The up-and-coming rapper also aims to form a robust network within the music scene. YBE K@n5eR has worked with well-known artists like Young Dro, Big Boi, Lil Scrappy, Yung Ralph, Lotto Savage, etc. He is also producing a new sound with his executive producer, L33M on da Beat Studios, and producer and artist Ace1 Yoda and hopes the list will grow longer over the next few years.

The up-and-coming rapper aims to use his income to sponsor research for a cure for cancer. He shared, “I want to create a cancer fund to benefit people who cannot afford costly treatments and build a world-class cancer hospital that makes hospitalization feel like a vacation. I will also support patients to feel alive by allowing them to record music and partake in other pastimes.” YBE K@n5eR also hopes to inspire his listeners by unfolding his real-life encounters through music.