A Listen to Chris Pop’s Infectious Music

Photo Credit: Chris Pop
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Photo Credit: Chris Pop
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Photo Credit: Chris Pop

Atlanta-based artist Chris Pop has a way with music. Whether it be through his DJ sets, production, or remixing skills, Chris is infectiously creative and hard to miss in the underground scene.

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His latest single, “Bad Baby,” a soul-dance house crossover, features an insanely catchy hook and is sure to turn heads. This infectious talent has finally made his way into the mainstream to an enthusiastic reception from fans worldwide.

A master storyteller, Chris creates a whole mood and vibration that leaves the listener eager for more. Telling a universal story of love and companionship through song, he switches from rapping to crooning soft, melodic vocals that make each piece a masterpiece. Drawing inspiration from legends like Michael Jackson and Pharrell, Chris creates an innovative sound that showcases his versatility as an artist. The artist credits this to his musical influences and his own desire to stand out from the rest.

“I’m definitely a product of studying the greats,” he explains when asked about his creative process. “I tend to listen to everything and grew up on Teddy Pendergrass, Sade, and Fela as a kid. I was also exposed to rock bands like Sublime and Incubus as a teen, so my music exposure was incredibly expansive.” Chris would later discover Michael Jackson and Pharrell, who he describes as “incredibly innovative” legends. Their styles and timelessness inspired him to express his individuality in his craft, a goal he’s been pursuing since 2012.

Over the past few years, Chris Pop has spent countless hours learning to engineer, mix, write music, and sing.

After coming out of a bad record deal in 2017, he’s just been refining and creating new music, including “Bad Baby.” Released earlier this year, the single is one of the many he hopes to release shortly, followed by an EP and album. As with all his music, the new album will touch on different vibes, emotions, and experiences.

“It’s music for the soul, music for the party, and music for the lonely hearts,” Chris explains. The artist adds that his favorites aren’t necessarily the most technical, but there is something magical about them that makes him want to play them over and over. Whether it’s the emotional quality of the lyrics or the impact of the chords or melody, that infectious replay value is what he strives to achieve with every project he releases. He doesn’t even need to look too hard to find inspiration.

Drawn from personal experiences with love, happiness, and life in general, Chris Pop’s songs tell stories that resonate with his listeners.

Whether expressing his brimming love for the good-looking girl in “Bad Baby” or baring his heart in “Riding Round the Eastside,” Chris knows just how to tug at the audience’s heartstrings. The artist effortlessly switches up his delivery and style, flowing masterfully from spitting rhymes and rhythms in rap style to delivering angelic vocals in vibey, piano-based ballads.

Chris’s secret to success is always striving for more and working consistently at his craft. His work ethic has gained him fans and followers and allowed him to work alongside top names in the industry, including Eric B & Rakim. His dream is to work alongside his idol Pharrell someday, creating incredible records like the ones he grew up listening to. In the meantime, he’ll continue releasing new projects and interacting with fans on his social media platforms.