The Next Big Artist from the Bay Area: The Story of Foreign Glizzy

Photo Credit: Foreign Glizzy
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Photo Credit: Foreign Glizzy
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Photo Credit: Foreign Glizzy

The music industry is a tough nut to crack. The scene is highly crowded and competitive, and it is not every day that we get to see a new artist shoot to the top. But Foreign Glizzy hasn’t let this hold him back.

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Despite being relatively new to the industry, Gary Williams Jr., aka Foreign Glizzy, is already giving his fellow artists a run for their money. Foreign Glizzy’s music has attracted massive attention across YouTube and other streaming platforms, seeing him receive thousands of views.

One of Foreign Glizzy’s latest tracks, “Hate or Love It,” released two months ago, is at nearly 100K views on YouTube. His other two tracks, “R.I.P Kobe” and “Road Running,” are also doing exceptionally well.

His background, unique music sound, and style have helped him quickly cement his spot in the US and even the global music scene. Foreign Glizzy has built a solid brand as an athlete, which made the transition to music easier.

Glizzy has always been a huge fan of music and decided to invest in himself and make a career for himself in the music industry.

He has worked with several well-known names in the industry, including David Wesson, who directed Glizzy’s song “Road Running,” and BTCvisuals, among others, with many praising his sound and authenticity.

Foreign Glizzy’s sound is refreshing, upbeat, and authentic. Glizzy uses music to speak about things affecting society and the hip-hop scene. In his song “R.I.P. Kobe,” Glizzy criticizes artists who live a life that is divorced from their actual reality. He raps, “all these rappers sayin’ that they trappin’ really dope feeling.”

Foreign Glizzy also uses music to share bits of his story and encourage his fans.

Foreign Glizzy was born in San Francisco and raised in Vallejo, California, and growing up, he went through many hardships. In his recent track, “Hate or Love It,” Glizzy explains his struggles and what he had to overcome to be in the position he’s in now.

He compares himself to an underdog who has risen to the top despite the challenges and everyone rooting against him. He explains to the listener that achieving their goals is possible. Glizzy switches it up with a catchy hook, singing and then rapping on the verses.

Foreign Glizzy has built his brand from the ground up. He started with nothing and is a well-known name in the sports arena, entrepreneurship, and now, music. Foreign Glizzy owns an independent label, Foreign Family Records. He also has a clothing line, Foreign Family Clothing. Glizzy also owns several stores in the Bay Area where he sells his apparel. By sharing his journey, he hopes to encourage and inspire his listeners to keep showing up.

Foreign Glizzy has also not stopped building his brand and career, and he has more projects in the pipeline.