Lil Hudak Releases His Debut Single “No Rest”

Photo Credit: Lil Hudak

Photo Credit: Lil Hudak

Lil Hudak is a hip hop and musician raised in Cleveland. Having a love for music since he was young, he took his love and turned it into his career.

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He has a different voice and tone in his music when comparing him to others. Hudak expresses his feelings from past relationships and experiences and puts them into his lyrics, giving off a realistic and relatable vibe. Lil Hudak has turned his room into his studio, making it his place to release his thoughts and create music hits. Growing up in a smaller suburb with not much of a music scene or music studios to record at, he took this struggle, and turned it into an opportunity.

Lil Hudak released his first debut single “Just Wait” on Soundcloud and acquired over 500,000 streams in little under a month back in 2020.

When he noticed he had a growing fanbase he was quick to continuously release more music. In October 2021, Hudak dropped his song “Everyday” featuring Lil Shock which became his first major song getting on multiple charts, and having hundreds of thousands of streams. In March of 2022, he released “Edge” featuring KillBunk which became a TikTok sensation, and boosted his career to over one million total streams.

Just recently, Lil Hudak released “No Rest” a song with a huge meaning and a lot of potential. The song was released December 16th, 2022 and has already gained thousands of streams on Spotify alone. It features a melodic sound and the lyrics have a strong meaning, showing it is possible to move forward in life no matter how long it takes.

With lots of experience in his own life, and the music scene, he put together this song with dedication. Since his start in early 2020, his music and following has only went up rapidly, gaining him over 40,000 Instagram followers, 22,000 Spotify listeners, and thousands of followers and streams on other social media platforms.

You can stream “No Rest” on Spotify, and also follow Lil Hudak on Facebook and Twitter.