Hip Hop Artist Rad Luck Is On A Mission To Prove Himself

Photo Credit: Rad Luck

Photo Credit: Rad Luck

Rad Luck has an interesting story. Unlike most artists, the MC began his career helping other artists.

Focusing on the visual aspect of musical expression, Rad Luck became heavily involved in shooting content for upcoming artists. After mastering the craft for others, the creative began filming his own music videos and photos. He was influenced to start recording music by his peers, many of whom are also musicians themselves. “Having the knowledge of videos and photos, I started making my own videos and doing my own photos, and that’s how I got my career started,” said Rad Luck. “I’ve been doing it like that ever since,” he added.

Making a come up out of Charlotte, North Carolina, it was Rad Luck’s friends who inspired him to start recording music. “I have a few friends who are producers, and watching them come up in the underground inspired me to start making music,” explained the artist. And while he’s seen a lot of independent success early in his career, Rad Luck hasn’t always had an easy path. The artist has struggled with his mental health and depression. The artist often expresses his battle with depression in his music, becoming more comfortable in talking about the subject and connecting to fans on a deeper level.

But besides fighting his mental battles every day, what Rad Luck truly wants his fans to take away from listening to his music is to be comfortable with themselves.

“I want people to learn to be themselves by listening to my music,” the rapper explains. “Everything I put out is a reflection of myself. I’m a firm believer in not caring what people think, I want others to do the same.”

After a busy 2021 full of singles and albums, Rad Luck has been quiet for most of 2022. The artist recently dropped a new single titled ‘Split The Fanta,’ breaking the silence. The MC delivers lyrics about staying focused and not being afraid to be in his own skin, never compromising who he is. ‘Split The Fanta’ features a smooth, effortless flow over a melodic bell based trap beat.

While 2022 has been mostly quiet, it doesn’t mean Rad Luck has been slacking. The artist has taken 2022 to make progress on his next LP, set to drop in 2023. Titled ‘Psychic,’ the album will be primarily based on the rapper’s battle with his mental health, giving his listeners an even deeper look into his life.

2023 is set up to be another step forward in Rad Luck’s young career. For more information, check out his music and follow him at the links below.

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