pCloud Is Unlocking High-End Collaboration Tools for Smaller Teams and Studios

Photo Credit: pCloud
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Photo Credit: pCloud
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Photo Credit: pCloud

With pCloud’s signature one-time payment, pCloud’s ‘Family Plan’ streamlines collaboration efforts for music production groups, recording engineers, and musicians.

The company boasts an extensive portfolio of music industry-specific features, high-end synchronization, and encrypted storage. With that, pCloud has emerged as a critical tool for the music industry — earning a seat among mega players providing cloud-based storage solutions. Just recently, pCloud joined forces with Digital Music News to deepen its relationship with music industry creators.

The company is also offering another unique advantage for music people. Studio managers, producers, and musicians can share up to 10TB of storage with up to 5 users while benefiting from unbreakable security for all files.

pCloud’s Marketing Specialist Rafael Pashamov spoke to Digital Music News about the suitability of the Family Lifetime Plan, saying, “A studio engineer used it with his colleagues for recording guitars, piano, mix, and mastering. This plan is amazing for smaller teams.”

This ‘Family’ plan allows team members to streamline collaboration by automatically syncing across multiple devices and implementing selective offline access. Users can work on a project simultaneously, activate auto uploads of critical files, and add HDD extensions through pCloud drive. This creates a storage hub that holds all file versions and relevant metadata — everything creators need to expedite track production accurately. pCloud’s ‘Extended File History’ or EFH feature lets users reach up to a year back in time and fetch older versions.

Explaining how storage is split among members of the Family plan, Pashamov said, “The account holder can easily invite family, friends, and colleagues to join the plan. Space can be distributed among the ‘family’ members however the owner desires.”

Other unique collaboration tools include the ability to customize shared links and brand them for better exposure.

Users can generate shared links with expiration dates, password protection, and more. With stats tracked on every link in real-time, users can keep an eye on crucial data, including download numbers and link traffic.

With tools that streamline the organization and management of instrument files, drum kits, sound samples, and loops, pCloud is quickly becoming the go-to platform for music industry professionals.

Users can subscribe to pCloud’s lifetime plans without hidden charges or setup fees. The Family lifetime Plan allows 10TB of shared link traffic, fair sharing, and 30 days of trash history to revert to older file versions.

With 16 million subscribers already tapping into pCloud’s extensive storage options and collaboration tools, the platform is aggressively grabbing market share with an 85% discount on its Family Lifetime Plan.

Users pay a one-time fee to unlock 2TB of storage for $499 (instead of $1,700) and 10TB of storage for $1,169 (instead of $7,600).

Users can also upgrade to the Crypto Folder Lifetime for only $115 instead of the usual $575 price tag. Pashamov explained how the upgrade ties in for all members of a Family plan, saying, “If the plan owner gets the Crypto Folder Lifetime, all other family members avail it for free.”

pCloud’s music-specific features include built-in video players, streaming, unlimited file size and speed, file version access, remote uploads, and backups from all major cloud platforms.

With high-value files shared across pCloud, the platform implemented ‘zero-knowledge privacy.’ With that, pCloud will never have access to user files and provides an encrypted folder on user’s systems — for military-grade file security. pCloud also integrates across any OS, preserving folder structures on the cloud.

The company aims to support and expedite music production via quick response time and query resolution. pCloud’s critical differentiating features also include access to actual human support 24/7.