Jarom Su’a Releases His First Full-Length Album, ‘Seeing Things’

Photo Credit: Jarom Su'a
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Photo Credit: Jarom Su'a
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Photo Credit: Jarom Su’a

Jarom Su’a, a 16-year-old artist, producer, and songwriter, has released his debut album, Seeing Things, a 12-song collection he both produced and wrote. First, here is some background on Jarom: he was born in Utah but grew up in Florida.

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At the age of ten, he discovered Timbaland and fell in love with music production, leading him to begin composing his own music.

Two years later, at age 12, Jarom Su’a attracted the notice of Timbaland, who eventually became his mentor. Following years of honing his skills in the background, on January 1, 2020 (at the age of 14), Jarom posted a video of himself making his first beat of the year; Timbaland liked it, and Jarom’s career as a producer and musician took off. He was officially welcomed into Timbaland’s BeatClub family of music producers. After his video went viral, Jarom was inundated with offers from other musicians and composers who wanted to collaborate with him.

After being discovered by Federico Vindver and Gary Marella, Jarom Su’a was signed to Pulse Music Group at the tender age of 15.

Since then, he has collaborated with numerous music industry heavyweights and appeared on the Billboard charts on multiple occasions as a high school sophomore and junior. Jarom was also different from your typical record producer, but when it came to music, he had no trouble creating novel interpretations. Over the past four years, Jarom has honed his distinctive producer style and recently discovered that many musicians were eager to work with him precisely because of this.

His debut album, Seeing Things, has appearances from Grammy-nominated, Billboard charting, and viral TikTok chart-topping musicians and pals he’s made along the way. Even though this is Jarom’s first album, his dedication to his craft shines through. We can all agree that this effort made an indelible musical impression, and we have no doubt that Jarom will continue to astound audiences with his future endeavours.

Check it out on Spotify, here. And follow Jarom Su’a on Instagram here.