Making Vinyl 2023 Announced — Celebrating 75 Years of the Vinyl LP in Minneapolis

vinyl Minneapolis
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vinyl Minneapolis
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Photo Credit: Making Vinyl Minneapolis

Celebrate 75 years of the vinyl record industry in Minneapolis and see what’s next.

Celebrating their sixth year as a business and the 75th anniversary of the Long-Playing (LP) vinyl record, Making Vinyl Minneapolis presents Making Vinyl 2023, June 7-8 at the Loews Minneapolis Hotel. The “enhanced evening events” promise live music and exceptional networking.

Making Vinyl is determined in 2023 to focus on the business aspects of sustaining profitable growth in the vinyl industry. The conference will explore all aspects of the vinyl comeback to keep the supply chain teeming with new releases and reissues of classics amid rising prices, supply chain issues, and raw materials shortages.

“Vinyl’s current popularity — 15 years of double-digit growth — defies all technological and economic logic in the digital age,” reads a statement from Making Vinyl.

“Yet, given the immense expense of mounting such an operation continues to attract new financial investment, as the undeniable appeal of such a deluxe product shows no signs of slowing down.” 

Topics to be addressed at the Minneapolis event include:

  • Will there be enough business to go around with all that new capacity?
  • What are the real numbers behind vinyl sales?
  • The Implications of Greenwashing
  • It’s Time for a SPARS-like Coding System for Vinyl
  • Sustainability & Vinyl’s Future
  • Vinyl Manufacturing & Best Practices
  • The Basics of Building a Record Factory
  • Getting Real About Production Timelines
  • Legal Perspective of Negotiating Vinyl Contracts
  • What are the strategies of supply chain?
  • New Product Launches
  • The Relationship Between Quality and Efficiency

Making Vinyl will be held at Loews Hotel in Minneapolis, and they have negotiated a discounted single/double room rate of $179 per night plus taxes and fees for all conference attendees. However, rooms sell out quickly, so attendees should make reservations shortly after securing event registration.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of CBS Labs unveiling the LP record on June 21, 1948. The event also means to honor the July 7 birthday of Minneapolis native Prince, who died in 2016 and would have been 65 years old. His records continue to be significant sellers on vinyl to this day.