“Sleepwalking” by Sole Oceanna Is Taking Over Radio Waves

Photo Credit: Sole Oceanna

Photo Credit: Sole Oceanna

To remain relevant in the music industry, artists must keep their fans entertained through the constant release of hits. A prolific singer-songwriter, Sole is one thriving artist who mastered this art and keeps her fans enthralled through her powerful and sensational music.

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She recently delivered a top hit, “Sleepwalking”, which has created a new wave in the pop industry.

Sole has been passionate about singing since she was 2 years old. At 9, she started writing songs, and her innate talent is undeniable. It is evident through her great pitch, unique tone, and excellent voice control. Sole’s passion for singing and performing has seen her rub shoulders with artists such as Gabrielle Mooney, Sebastian Garcia, and Sean Rogers in her recent 5 EPs.

Among the number-one hits that have fueled her rise to fame are “Not Feeling It” and “Was it Me?” The two thrilling singles have been a source of inspiration to many. Through her songs, Sole hopes to encourage and empower more people to embrace themselves and be present in the world despite their many challenges. A month after “Was it Me?” was released, it received over 100K streams on Spotify. It motivated Sole to release her latest new single, “Sleepwalking”.

The number one hit “Sleepwalking” was released on January 9 this year, and in just a few weeks of play on radio stations, it attracted over 50,000 streams on Spotify. The new hits depict her powerful, incredible voice and the power behind her songs. Some of us are familiar with the experience of sleepwalking or living life in a black or white or unconscious way. It can be a frightening and delusional experience, and the song tries to depict the relief someone gets when they awaken and see the full picture in color.

To stand out from other artists, Sole Oceana ensures that her songs are relatable and inspire others.

She says the challenges she faces in her daily journey, especially through her experience with Tourette’s and ADHD, are her inspiration for making music.

Uniquely talented, Sole says though she might be seen as a shining artist, the journey was challenging. She wants to encourage other aspiring artists to know that although the going might get tough, they can pull through all obstacles if they have a clear vision. Additionally, she wants them to know distractions will always be there, and you must stay focused to succeed. Most importantly, Sole wants people to know that it is okay to be different. You only have to trust yourself and chase your dreams.

In the coming years, Sole is confident to have experienced unparalleled growth in the music industry. As a young artist, she hopes to rub shoulders with renowned artists in the music industry, especially pop artists, who will help her grow. Sole envisions herself being signed by a major record label. Her new single, “Sleepwalking”, has climbed up to 46 on the Mediabase charts because of her fans, and all she wants is to tour worldwide and have a chance to interact with her fans. Her ultimate goal is to win a Grammy award.