Instagram Introduces Broadcast Channels – Here’s How They Work

Instagram Broadcast channels
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Instagram Broadcast channels
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Photo Credit: Meta

Instagram is introducing new ‘Broadcast channels’ for Messenger as a new one-to-many tool for creators. Here’s how they work and how you can leverage them for your audience. 

Creators can use broadcast channels to help their followers stay up-to-date with new information via text, photos, video, voice notes, and polls. Followers of the channel can react and participate in polls—but there’s no two-way communication enabled. Meta envisions the new feature as a casual and quick way to keep fans in the know or to quickly crowd source feedback. Only creators can send messages, but Meta says more features will be added in the coming months. 

How do Instagram Broadcast Channels work?

Right now the feature is available to a limited number of creators. Once a creator has the feature, they can start a broadcast channel from their Instagram inbox. After sending their first broadcast message, followers receive a one-time message prompting them to join the channel. Instagram is also implementing ‘join channel’ stickers for Stories. 

Creators have two options for creating a broadcast—open or subscription only. You can create an open broadcast that anyone who follows you is free to join. However, you can also create a subscription-only broadcast that is limited to paid subscribers.

How to Join an Instagram Broadcast Channel

You’ll need to access the broadcast channel on a mobile device. You can do so through a Story sticker, a link pinned on their profile, or from the one-time notification.

  1. Tap ‘Join Broadcast Channel.’
  2. After joining the channel, the new messages will appear in Instagram inbox alongside other message threads. 
  3. Followers can react to content and vote in polls, but they cannot send messages. 

Creators who are interested in trying the new Broadcast channels feature can sign up to be invited to the early access beta. You’ll need to access the link on a mobile device for it to load properly. The feature is only available to creators in the United States for now.