Multi-Talented Artist Darshae Kiér Is Inspiring Others With His Music

Photo Credit: Darshae Kiér
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Photo Credit: Darshae Kiér
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Photo Credit: Darshae Kiér

Darshae Kiér is a prolific artist, screenplay writer, author, and public speaker. He is an innately multi-talented individual swiftly cementing his position in the entertainment scene.

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As an artist, Darshae is building a solid fan base with thousands of streams on SoundCloud, Spotify, Instagram, and other platforms. He’s creating a unique, authentic, yet classic sound that is captivating thousands across the country.

Darshae rocked the airwaves with his recent album, Gone, a collection of musical thrillers that include “Sojourn,” “Interference,” “Soldja,” “Options,” “Money,” “Atmosphere,” “Desire,” “Trapped,” and “Gone.” Each of these tracks are creatively crafted with a sound for every musical ear. The album is already doing exceptionally well, with thousands of streams across various streaming platforms.

Darshae describes it as an all-experience album that many fans can easily relate to. To him, the Gone album is a precursor for bigger and better musical projects he is working on. “I am now completing yet a second EP where I dared to be different. My music is licensed in hundreds of places globally,” Darshae adds.

Since making his professional debut, Darshae has sung loudly page after page across your favorite search engines. He stands out as an artist with an inspiring story, rising against all odds to keep his dream alive. It’s a unique story that flows congruently in his lyrics as he aims to reach and inspire millions across the globe.

Though many might say it is hard to stand out from the crowd, Darshae believes you need to change the crowd.

Surrounding yourself with positive-minded individuals will create an enabling environment to challenge your potential. “I stand out because even though I went through hell, my hunger and faith for growth to do this for so many who can’t are what fuels me,” he says.

As a result, Darshae strives to build something unique for artists, writers, and authors, those with self-esteem issues, those who believe life would be better without them, and those who are successful but somewhere along the way lost their identities. If you don’t take the risk, don’t complain about not being recognized. Be disciplined, decisive, and deliberate, but never defeated. Make a difference and an impact. Ultimately, choose to be successful at completing a small task and a visionary in an enormous task. You don’t know who is watching, so make every moment an opportunity to be more than a moment and a mention. Success is measured in steps, not in salary.

An ambitious and visionary creative, Darshae wants to grow and scale his brand to the international stage.

He envisions himself being a highly sought-after talent and perhaps signing a multi-million dollar contract with a leading record label. Darshae also wants to pursue his philanthropic passion as an author, podcaster, public speaker, and status quo change maker. His dream is to publish more books and hopefully grace some of the biggest stages in the world, including doing a Ted Talk.

Darshae also wants to leverage the power of music to amplify the noise in environments where music artists are discussed. He aims to work with internationally celebrated brands like Nike and Under Armour in their running commercials.