Renowned Kpop Remixer Inquisitive Goes International

Photo Credit: Inquisitive
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Photo Credit: Inquisitive
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Photo Credit: Inquisitive

Leon Lucas Ho, popularly known by his stage name Inquisitive is making waves in the international scene. The Kpop remixer, hard dance DJ, and producer is quickly gaining recognition not only in Asia but also in the US and Europe for his energetic and hard-hitting tracks.

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Inquisitive‘s remix of “Kill This Love” by Blackpink has garnered over 5M views. His independent track “Divine Yasha” has also hit the 1M mark. “Divine Yasha” has 1.1M plays on Spotify, making Inquisitive the first Singaporean hard dance artist to hit 1M on the platform.

The song has been praised by hard dance fans and artists, with many recognizing Inquisitive’s sound. One thing that sets Inquisitive apart in the industry is his willingness to experiment with different styles and sounds. He has incorporated Chinese and many other Asian musical instruments and elements into his music and productions, creating a unique sound.

Inquisitive has created several Kpop and Mandopop remixes that have gone viral and performed at top clubs in Asia and beyond. Inquisitive, who is a three-time winner of the DMC world DJ Championship, has DJ’ed at many established clubs and festivals globally, including Ultra Korea, Ultra Japan, Marquee Sydney, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the United States of America. He has also worked on independent tracks.

The talented Kpop remixer made his debut at Ultra Korea and Ultra Japan in 2014, releasing his first track shortly after that, which was an instant hit. Since then, Inquisitive has steadily risen, working with major hardstyle labels like Dirty Workz and Yellow Claw’s Barong Family. Inquisitive has written and released “Fairy Dynasty,” “Dancing in the Moonlight,” “Two of Us,” and his most recent single, “Do You Lift?

Inquisitive says one of his goals is to create more music in the near future and do more tours.

“I intend to spread Asian-inspired hard dance music throughout the world and build a community that unites us all through hard dance,” says Inquisitive. He believes music is one of the best communication tools and wants to use his work as a DJ and artist to bring joy to others and encourage young dreamers.

When Inquisitive started his journey, very few people believed in him. He has been rejected by multiple record labels, being told his music was not good enough. Some of his friends were also not supportive of him. They tried showing him why a music career wasn’t worth it and that he would not get to the top. But despite all the challenges, Inquisitive didn’t give up.

He invested in his passion, practicing more to hone his skills and take on challenges. Inquisitive has participated in several competitions. He was among the top 12 finalists of the DMC World DJ Championships in 2007. Inquisitive participated in the DMC World DJ Championships for three years, winning each time.

Inquisitive encourages others in the industry to believe in their craft, invest in it, and not give up. “There will be people or situations that might discourage you, and there will most certainly be setbacks, but the most important thing is to never stop trying. No matter how many ‘fails,’ do not give up and keep preserving,” says Inquisitive.