SINDOSI:22 – New Takes on Classic Styles

Photo Credit: SINDOSI:22
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Photo Credit: SINDOSI:22
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Photo Credit: SINDOSI:22

In today’s music world, it’s not uncommon for artists to experiment with different genres and styles. We have seen several musicians blend different music styles to create something unique for their audience.

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However, very few have managed to successfully take classic styles and give them a fresh twist like the fast-rising rap duo SINDOSI:22. The anonymous duo is breathing new life into K-RnB and K-Pop music with their style attracting massive attention globally.

No. 20 and No. 21, the SINDOSI:22 blends elements of various genres, from hip-hop to indie, R&B, and lo-fi pop to create a unique style of K-RnB. The diversity in their song creation, style, and sound helps them to bring out the message in their songs to perfection.

No 21’s style can be described as moody, brooding, and often melancholic, while No 20’s style is a bit lighter. This enables them to perfectly balance each other out. The brother-sister duo also doesn’t believe in confining their music to one style/sound.

“Whatever comes to their minds based on what we like is what is translated into the tracks,” the dynamic SINDOSI:22 duo shared. “Almost all of this music is developed through trial and error, from freestyling toplines and writing the lyrics to playing around with instruments and sounds to create something fun and interesting.”

Since their debut early last year, the duo has written and released top tracks, including “domythang”, their first release, which placed them on the international map. “domythang” has been featured in several playlists, including The TIDAL K-Pop 10.

SINDOSI:22 has also released several remixes from KATIE to New Jeans and Lil Uzi Vert. They recently announced their new EP, HowToSurvive. Describing what they look for in remixes to specific artists and genres, the Korean act told us, “it all kind of falls into our own ideology behind our name. We just really want to flip cool music that we like and give these unique styles our own vibe.”

The EP, which is their first, contains five tracks, among them “domythang”, “swerve”, and “lazy”, and explores different life themes. HowToSurvive was conceptualized as a look into the day-to-day of life, so each song is based around a daily mindset or specific part of the day to just kick back and enjoy.

“It’s really just about enjoying the small things in life. We made more tracks than what’s on the EP and we started the process in late 2019, early 2020, but for this project we really wanted to center it around the theme we had in mind. In a sense the whole album’s vibes loop, so everything sounds really linear and conceptualized from the get-go,” No 21 says, one of SINDOSI:22 members.

HowToSurvive is available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify and YouTube.

According to the duo, their goal is to create more music that leaves a lasting impact on the listener and gives people a different view of K-RnB and classic styles.

“SINDOSI:22 is based on the idea of taking a fresh perspective on a new thing. In Korean, sin-dosi directly translates to “new city”, but it’s more about adopting a new mindset or vision within the same old city, making it look like a new one. We want to bring this out through music as we invite new experiences through our creations,” the brother-sister act says.

Their music and even daft-punk style have been acknowledged by many in the industry. SINDOSI:22 conceals their true identities behind retrofuturistic daft-punk-inspired helmets. This signature style has captivated the attention of many in the music scene. The group has signed to Prism Invaders, a multiverse label, and has several cool projects they are currently working on with them.

As SINDOSI:22 continues releasing new music, the mystery surrounding the duo is sure to continue. But one thing is certain: their music is a welcome addition to the world of music.