Spotify Integrates Into BeReal For In-the-Moment Listening Updates

Spotify integrates BeReal
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Spotify integrates BeReal
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Photo Credit: Spotify

Spotify integrates into BeReal for in-the-moment listening updates, adding another layer of authenticity to the BeReal experience.

Spotify has announced integration with BeReal — the app that encourages users to take a photo at a random time every day to show an ‘authentic version’ of themselves — enabling users to include what they’re listening to on Spotify in their BeReal posts.

To connect your Spotify and BeReal accounts, you can either tap the music icon shown before posting a BeReal or navigate to your settings in the BeReal app and tap “music” to follow the prompts. 

Once the two accounts are linked, the app automatically pulls the song or podcast you’re listening to on Spotify when you capture a BeReal. The cover art of the audio from Spotify will appear at the bottom of your camera lens in BeReal, and friends can listen to a preview of what you’ve shared.

“Spotify was built for moments of everyday inspiration, discovery, and interactivity. It also creates the playlist for your everyday life,” the company writes in a blog post. “BeReal is designed to capture and share authentic moments in your daily life with your closest friends. Combining audio from Spotify with BeReal adds another layer of authentic personalization and connection to your BeReal.”

BeReal and Spotify users on Android and iOS in markets including the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Brazil, can access the integration. Plans to expand the integration to more countries in the future are forthcoming.

That said, integrating the two apps comes when the hype surrounding BeReal has slowed significantly. The number of people using the app daily has dropped 61% from its peak — from 15 million in October to less than six million in March.

Last year, BeReal experienced a flash in the social media pan with its aim to provide users with a more authentic photo feed compared to the curated aesthetic associated with Instagram. The app’s success led to platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok hurrying to clone the functionality into their ecosystems to capitalize on the trend.