Coachella Officially Taps Skrillex, Fred Again, and Four Tet As Frank Ocean Replacements

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Fred Again (pictured), Skrillex, and Four Tet are now set to conclude Coachella 2023. Photo Credit: Jumaso31500

Skrillex, Fred Again, and Four Tet are officially poised to close out Coachella 2023 after Frank Ocean exited the Indio festival earlier this week.

Goldenvoice’s Coachella just recently informed fans of its updated lineup for this coming Sunday. As previously reported, Frank Ocean withdrew from the happening’s second weekend following a lackluster headlining performance on the 16th. Upon announcing his withdrawal, Ocean (and his team) cited a leg injury as the reason for the less-than-ideal initial show as well as the weekend-two pullout.

As Coachella organizers remained mum about their plans for Ocean’s replacement, fans speculated that a reunited Blink-182 (a surprise booking during weekend one) would step in for the 35-year-old. Then, higher-ups unveiled an updated Sunday schedule, including an hour-long set from Blink-182.

Now, the California-based group has formally been tapped as Ocean’s replacement, and Coachella has likewise confirmed that Four Tet, Fred Again, and Skrillex will reunite to conclude the festival after Blink-182’s show.

The mentioned EDM acts played a seemingly well-received Madison Square Garden concert earlier in 2023 and had been teasing their Coachella 2023 performance on social media ahead of the official announcement. Moreover, Fred Again described the forthcoming show as an unforeseen opportunity to reunite with Four Tet and Skrillex.

“I didn’t think I was gonna be back with my brothers like this for a longgggg time. Until last night. And here we are,” wrote 29-year-old Fred Again. “We’ve seen all your lovely messages. I so appreciate you guys. Let’s have an absolute TIME.”

Elsewhere on social media, fan responses to the last-minute changes, despite several qualms about the timing thereof, appear generally positive. To be sure, some are suggesting that the retooled Coachella 2023 lineup for Sunday evening represents a step up from the original billing.

“If you think I’m staying up until 2AM to watch four tet on the coachella live stream Sunday despite having to work at 8 AM Monday morning you’re absolutely correct,” committed one supporter.

“To go from Frank Ocean to Skrillex, Fred Again.., [and] Four Tet to close out Coachella is a massive massive upgrade,” weighed in another observer.

“Skrillex, Fred again and four tet closing Coachella is willlllld,” summed up a third fan.

However, different social media users yet have highlighted the fact that Coachella’s not once mentioned Frank Ocean in its recent announcements pertaining to Sunday’s schedule, besides drawing attention to the parties’ presumably fractured professional relationship.