Open On Sunday Continues to Reshape Catalog Acquisitions Through its Market Development Partner Program

open on sunday music catalog
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open on sunday music catalog
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Photo Credit: Unsplash

Open On Sunday’s Market Development Partner Program is a lucrative way for connected people in the music business to earn substantial commissions off the growing music catalog sales market.

The following comes from Open On Sunday, a company DMN is proud to be partnering with.

With the stabilization of music earnings through streaming and improved data tracking, catalog acquisitions is one of the hottest growth sectors within music industry. But before any successful deal is struck, it takes the two sides first coming together to work out mutually beneficial terms.

Most successful acquisitions start with an introduction, often facilitated by an individual who knows both the seller and the potential buyer of the music catalog. Open On Sunday provides these “well connected” individuals the opportunity to earn tens of thousands of dollars by joining their team as a Market Development Partner or (MDP).

An Open On Sunday MDP is not a traditional broker, who often does little more than sit back and collect a “finder’s fee” after making the initial introduction. By contrast, an Open On Sunday MDP guides the seller through the entire deal process from start to finish.

The first role of an MDP is to help the potential seller request a free quote from the Open On Sunday website. This includes securing and uploading all necessary PRO documents, along with other statements and agreements for analysis within Open On Sunday’s proprietary pricing engine. When the catalog owner accepts the offer, the MDP walks the seller, step-by-step, through the simple closing process, until the deal is signed and funds are wired to the seller’s bank account. For their efforts throughout the deal process, the MDP receives a substantial commission on the sale.

Open On Sunday’s Jasmine Love talks about her experience as an Open On Sunday Market Development Partner.

“Being in the music industry with so many contacts and relationships, it just made sense to become an Open On Sunday MDP,” Love said. “I was actually able to use my network to increase my net-worth, all while increasing my relationships by getting music catalog owners the funds they needed in a fast time frame,” Love added.  “Who would have thought that one call in my network would lead to six figures for myself. Of course, I have made a bunch more calls since then and was very well taken care of!”

The MDP program is just another example of how Open On Sunday is reshaping catalog acquisitions with innovative ideas that are changing the landscape of the industry.

“Becoming an Open On Sunday Market Development Partner is all about who you know, and the ability to turn your contacts into cash,” said Open On Sunday Co-founder and President, Malcolm Thompson.“ The MDP program is ideal for individuals looking to establish a career in catalog acquisitions, while earning substantial commissions along the way,” Thompson said.

Open On Sunday was founded in 2018 and has completed more than 70 transactions to date across all genres of music. Notable names include the late blues legend, B.B. King, and Taylor Swift songwriter, Liz Rose, who was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2023.

For more information on how you can become an Open On Sunday MDP, visit the website here.