DJ Nu-Mark: The Producer With Two Turntables and a Drum Machine

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Photo Credit: Mike Bugaoan

West Coast producer DJ Nu-Mark has a surprising confession: “I bought a drum machine before I bought turntables,” admits the legendary DJ when asked about his start in the music industry. A longstanding member of experimental hip-hop group Jurassic 5, Nu-Mark laid the foundations for success early in life with school band, drum lessons, and an eclectic collection of rock ‘n’ roll, hip-hop, and Persian records.

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Welcome to The Conduit, a podcast featuring candid conversations with professional musicians who give listeners the unvarnished truth about being an artist in the music business today. In today’s episode, host and LA-based DJ, producer, and musician Dan Ubick (aka Constantine “Connie” Price) sits down with DJ Nu-Mark to discuss the producer’s personal blueprint for success in the music industry. Nu-Mark shares his thoughts on developing a rock-solid work ethic, how to successfully collaborate with other musicians, and why he chose to put all his eggs in the music basket. Above all, Nu-Mark attributes his success to a curious mind and an open heart: “A sense of wonderment is what keeps me alive in this business,” he tells Dan early in the interview.

In the ‘80s, Nu-Mark began spinning records at LA house parties, a door-opening experience that helped the young DJ segway into the next phase of his career: working with Jurassic 5. Formed in 1994, the group released their first record, Jurassic 5 EP, in 1997, followed by a revised, full-length version of the album in 1998. Widely acclaimed, their debut cemented the group’s position as power players in alternative ‘90s hip-hop. Around the same time, Nu-Mark crossed paths with a little-known producer by the name of Kanye West who handled much of the production for Chicago rapper Grav’s Down To Earth album. Working through Correct Records, Nu-Mark ignited his career by releasing the record.

In today’s episode, Nu-Mark touches on some practical tips for musicians, doling out advice on audience engagement and creative relevance after many years in the limelight. Listeners will also hear about Nu-Mark’s popular sample packs, his viral video series, and his recent foray into film and television scoring. While there are still plenty of twists and turns ahead, Nu-Mark maintains balance by cultivating a sense of fun, excitement, and adventure in everything he does. Tune in to this month’s episode of The Conduit for an engaging conversation with DJ Nu-Mark on the perks of curiosity, compassion, and perseverance.