Tuning Into the Future: The Multifaceted Influence of Michele Zanello in Music and the Metaverse

Photo Credit: Michele Zanello
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Photo Credit: Michele Zanello
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Photo Credit: Michele Zanello

In the grand theater of innovation, two stages — music, and the metaverse — resonate with similar vibrancy and dynamics. Enter multifaceted artist Michele Zanello.

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Both worlds thrive on creativity, experimentation, and constant evolution, mirroring how they shape experiences and evoke emotions. Michele Zanello is a maestro who forged a successful career by expertly conducting this symphony of interconnected arenas. Born in Latisana, Italy, Zanello’s illustrious career is a narrative of boundary-pushing endeavors, converging the lyrical world of music with the digital expanse of the Metaverse. From social media management to orchestrating extraordinary virtual events, his versatile roles are a testament to his ability to harmonize musical inspirations with digital advancements.

Zanello’s career trajectory began in 2015, managing the bustling world of social media and orchestrating events for various Italian venues. This experience would serve as his launching pad, sharpening his skills for his future pursuits.

In 2020, his entrepreneurial spirit sparked the founding of Midnight Milano Society, an agency dedicated to managing the public image and interests of musicians, celebrities, and companies. Simultaneously, Zanello ventured into the music industry, serving as Head of A&R for a music mediation agency in Milan. His collaborations extended to global dance music powerhouses, including Warner Music, Armada, Smash the House, Selected, Protocol, and Revealed.

Zanello’s dalliance with music was not limited to business; he was also an artist. He released several songs as part of the Italian trio FUTURA, proving his adaptability and creative prowess. This earned him a place on the IEMBI 2022 list of the 100 most influential Italians in the music business.

In 2021, Zanello’s career took an intriguing turn. Encountering Davide Cuttini and Diego di Tommaso, the visionaries behind Over The Reality, he was captivated by the vast potential of their platform. The emerging Metaverse offered an opportunity to engineer a novel entertainment landscape, fusing the pulsating rhythm of music with the limitless scope of augmented reality.

As Head of Metaverse Event & Relations, Zanello liaised with the marketing team, formulated new event genres, and managed connections for the world’s largest augmented reality Metaverse. He formed alliances with leading Web3 projects like Decentraland, Sandbox, and Spatial, blending music and digital technology in an unprecedented manner.

In 2022, Zanello’s innovative approach bore fruit as he masterminded the first cross-metaverse music festival in partnership with Decentraland. The event showcased artists such as Regard, Ozzy Osbourne, Soulja Boy, and Dillon Francis, blending the energy of live concerts with the boundless potential of the Metaverse.

The innovative Zanello extended his influence beyond music to the fashion world in March 2023. As project manager of the Metaverse Fashion Week, he shattered conventional boundaries, pioneering the world’s first hybrid catwalk on the Milan Cathedral. This groundbreaking event featured renowned brands like Pinko, Space Runners x Balmain, Xr Couture, and Pet Liger, creating a page in Milan’s history, as recognized by Forbes.

In addition to his other roles, Zanello emerged as a prominent speaker, sharing his insights at over 50 major events, including globally recognized digital conferences such as NFT New York City, Limitless Innovation Paris, and NFT Fest Lugano.

As we tune into the future, Michele Zanello resonates at the intersection of music and the Metaverse. His multifaceted career embodies a vision for a new era of entertainment, underscoring his transformative impact on both arenas and pointing to exciting possibilities on the horizon.