PPL and SGAE Post Positive Financials Following Record STIM, SACEM 2022 Annual Reports

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Madrid, Spain, where SGAE is headquartered. Photo Credit: Alex Azabache

Following the disclosure of record 2022 financials from France’s SACEM and Sweden’s STIM, the UK’s Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) and Spain’s Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE) have issued positive reports of their own.

Beginning on the recorded side, the PPL just recently revealed that it had paid out £98 million ($124.50 million) for 2023’s second quarter. The figure reflects an approximately 37 percent hike from the same stretch in 2022 and likewise “represents the largest amount ever paid out in a single distribution,” according to the 89-year-old entity.

Additionally, the sum encompasses both domestic and international collections, the PPL reiterated, with about £2.5 million ($3.18 million) attributed to the public use of music videos and, in turn, the closely associated VPL. Beyond the Q2 distribution stats, the remainder of the corresponding PPL release largely highlights key 2022 data while touting the organization’s perceived effectiveness and operational efficiency.

“This record June distribution demonstrates the high demand for the music we are proud to represent,” PPL chief operating officer Christine Geissmar said in part. “Our success is built on a network of strong relationships with the people who work so hard to create and market British music.”

(Late April saw PRS for Music report record collections for 2022, when it’s said to have paid out £836.2 million/$1.06 billion in royalties, up 23.5 percent from 2021.)

Shifting to the initially mentioned SGAE and its showing, the Madrid-based society disclosed €316.3 million ($343.34 million) in distributions for 2022 – up 27.4 percent from 2021 and about 13.1 percent from pre-pandemic 2019.

Behind this distributed sum, the entity in its Spanish-language report pinpointed €297.9 million ($323.37 million) in “national income” (up 34.7 percent YoY) as well as €27.9 million/$30.29 million in international revenue (up 25 percent YoY), with the derivative administration category rounding out the total at €23 million/$25 million (up 54.7 percent YoY).

The international figure, while €5.6 million ($6.08 million) higher than that attributed to 2021, signifies a comparatively modest improvement (€1.3 million/$1.41 million) from 2019 and a €300,000 ($325,649) dip from 2020, according to SGAE data.

Per the same source, estimated income from the States approached €5 million ($5.43 million) on the year – a 46.5 percent boost from 2021 – compared to €2.3 million ($2.5 million) from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Central America (up almost 73 percent YoY). Meanwhile, SGAE identified close to €1 million ($1.09 million) in income from Brazil alone, for a nearly 76 percent YoY improvement, per the resource.

In closing, SGAE took the opportunity to tout its size and positioning relative to most other members of CISAC, which released its 2023 annual report towards May’s conclusion.