Top 0.5% of Twitch Streamers Generate 75% of Views, Data Shows

only the top one percent of Twitch streamers generate the most views report
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only the top one percent of Twitch streamers generate the most views report
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Photo Credit: StreamElements

A look at streaming data from Twitch reveals that the top 0.5% of streamers generate 75% of hours watched.

In June, the top 10,000 streamers on the platform represented 76% of all hours watched. Yet that small handful of streamers represents only 0.5% of the two billion streamers who exist on the platform.

Dialing that into just the top 1,000 streamers showcases just how top-heavy Twitch is when it comes to viewership. The top 1,000 Twitch streamers account for 46% of the hours watched, while the top 100 streamers account for a whopping 20% of watch hours. 

Some of the top streamers on Twitch are generating millions of watch hours in a single month. Here’s a quick look at the top 10 Twitch Streamers in June 2023. 

  1. Tarik | 7.8 million watch hours
  2. xQc | 7.5 million watch hours
  3. ibai | 7.3 million watch hours
  4. Gaules | 7.2 million watch hours
  5. Kaicenat | 7.1 million watch hours
  6. Ironmouse | 6.8 million watch hours
  7. Shroud | 6.5 million watch hours
  8. Quin69 | 6 million watch hours
  9. Loud_Coringa | 5.9 million watch hours
  10. Hasanabi | 5.8 million watch hours

It’s worth noting that monthly watch hours on Twitch are on a steady rise, too. It’s hard to equate between months since a single-day difference can result in thousands of missed watch hours. But looking at the trends daily, it’s clear that the growth is there.

  1. March | 55.033 million watch hours
  2. April | 55.642 million watch hours
  3. May | 56.901 million watch hours
  4. June | 56.919 million watch hours

“Although the overall time spent viewing Twitch over the last four months has climbed and dipped a couple of times because some months are longer than others, the trend being overlooked is the daily growth,” says Gil Hirsch, CEO & Co-Founder of StreamElements. “Since March, the hours watched each day has steadily increased, painting an optimistic picture on the momentum front.”

Twitch viewership skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic and has since tapered off, but viewership remains strong on the gaming-focused platform. The only downside is that most viewers of the platform seem to be watching its most popular streamers—producing a hard environment to crack for beginners looking to gain a following.