Did Drake Cancel Memphis Because of Low Ticket Sales?

Drake cancel Memphis show
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Drake cancel Memphis show
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Photo Credit: The Come Up Show / CC by 2.0

Drake cancels his Memphis concert and moves back a show in Milwaukee, with tour organizers claiming the cancellation was due to logistical issues, with no reason given for the delay in Wisconsin. Could these cancellations be the result of low ticket sales?

This week, Drake shuffled more dates for his It’s All a Blur tour, canceling a show in Memphis on August 6 and moving another in Milwaukee from August 3 to August 4. Tour organizers cite logistical issues contributing to the canceled show at the FedEx Forum, with no reason given for the change in dates in Wisconsin. 

The cancellation serves as the second time the Memphis show was impacted following the initial announcement of the planned tour stops. Initially, Memphis was scheduled for June 29 before being pushed back to August 6. Less than a week before its planned arrival, the show as been canceled.

“Due to the magnitude of the production of the Drake concert, it is logistically impossible to bring the show as designed to the FedEx Forum on August 6,” explains a statement from Drake’s representatives provided to the Memphis Commercial Appeal. “Unfortunately, the show is canceled.”

Fans who purchased tickets to the Memphis show through the box office may be waiting up to a month to get their refunds — meaning some fans who purchased high-priced tickets for a show they expected to see in June might not see their money back until nearly September for a show that will no longer take place. 

Some fans in Memphis have been understandably unhappy about the cancellation, with some claiming that Drake had even rehearsed at the venue before the show got called off. If true, that may add credence to the theory that “logistical issues” is being used to cover poor ticket sales.

“Drake cancels his Memphis show at FedEx Forum due to low ticket sales,” complains one fan. “After Shelby County (gave) him a key to the city.”

“Drake is one of my favorite artists, but he don’t mess with Memphis like that,” asserts one person. “People jumped on me a few weeks ago when I said it was kinda messed up that he postponed the show and was here kickin’ it, and now he canceled the show, but ‘the city means so much to him.'”

“Memphis give this mane a key to the city, and he can’t even give us a show?” tweets another person. “Ain’t no way, Drake.”

The Milwaukee show being pushed back could result from the cancellation of the Memphis date, making a pushback to Friday possible to allow more time for ticket sales. Drake’s It’s All a Blur tour has suffered numerous complaints over incredibly high ticket pricing through Ticketmaster’s “Platinum” systems. Tuesday afternoon showed only “Platinum” tickets available, with prices no less than $550 with fees.

In addition to seeing the tour marred by poor publicity from the insane ticket prices, Drake’s postponing multiple early dates led to rumors that this action was done to allow more time for tickets to sell. The tour also recently announced giveaways for tickets through Dave’s Hot Chicken, a restaurant in which the rapper is now a significant investor, further adding to that speculation.