The Journey of Ilyaugust: From North Carolina to Stardom

Photo Credit: Ilyaugust
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Photo Credit: Ilyaugust
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Photo Credit: Ilyaugust

North Carolina has given us more than beautiful landscapes and great barbecue—it has also introduced us to Ilyaugust, a game-changing artist making his mark in the music industry.

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The pop sensation has been fine-tuning his sound for three years and is now signed to Big Money Records.

“I’ve been doing music for about three years now. I make pop-inspired music and have had a musical passion for as long as I can remember.”

A Unique Sound: Why Ilyaugust Stands Out

In a world saturated with artists and musicians, what makes Ilyaugust different? It’s his unique blend of pop and R&B, along with a voice that he describes as “unique” and “different.” His experimental nature has also led him to work with different genres in his unreleased tracks.

“I feel as if my voice is unique and helps separate me from other artists.”

Collaboration and Creativity

Ilyaugust knows the value of teamwork in the creative process. Whether he’s in the studio or connected via Discord or Zoom, collaboration is at the heart of his work. The pop artist goes beyond the typical creative approach by engaging in real-time brainstorming sessions with other artists and producers.

Breaking Barriers and Setting Records

Ilyaugust’s career reached a milestone when he hit his first million streams on Spotify. Such an achievement didn’t just happen by chance; it is the result of overcoming challenges like writer’s block and the pressures of rapidly growing fame.

“Hitting my first million streams on Spotify was one of those long-awaited moments and goals of mine.”

What’s Next for Ilyaugust Signed to Big Money Records?

As Ilyaugust looks toward the future, he has set his sights high. “I would love to go on tour once I’m at that point, and I also really just want to be one of the biggest artists in the industry,” he says. With Big Money Records backing him up, these dreams seem more achievable than ever. Ilyaugust invites his audience to stay tuned for “exciting new stuff on the way!”

Feel free to keep up with Ilyaugust’s journey by following him on Instagram or listening to his tracks on Spotify.

“Thank you guys for all the support, and I hope you plan to stay for the long run!”

Ilyaugust signed to Big Money Records isn’t just a title—it’s a mark of his journey, struggles, and most importantly, his future. Stay tuned as this remarkable artist continues to turn his dreams into reality.