Bad Bunny is ‘Secretly Signed’ to Drake’s OVO, Birdman Claims

Bad Bunny Drake OVO
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Bad Bunny Drake OVO
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Photo Credit: musicisentropy / CC by 2.0

Birdman claims that Bad Bunny has been ‘secretly signed’ to Drake’s OVO ‘since day one.’

According to Cash Money head Birdman, Puerto Rican sensation Bad Bunny has secretly been signed to Drake’s OVO “since day one.” On Sunday, October 8, Birdman sat down with Wack 100 on Clubhouse for a quick chat in which he made the claim.

“Bad Bunny already signed to Drake,” said Birdman. “Y’all just don’t know it. We going up, man. (He’s been signed with) OVO since day one.”

Bad Bunny appeared on Drake’s recently released album, “For All the Dogs,” following their first collaboration in 2018 on Bunny’s single, “MIA.” The Puerto Rican superstar is signed under Latin label Rimas Entertainment, who is credited on “MIA” alongside OVO Sound because of Drake’s involvement in the track — but no further release from Bad Bunny has mentioned OVO.

Bad Bunny has a new album dropping on Friday, having officially revealed the news just this week after numerous rumors and supposed teasers. “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana” will feature the artist’s newest single, “Un Preview,” which he dropped at the end of September on his WhatsApp channel. Notably, the listing for Bad Bunny’s new album on DSPs does not mention OVO.

Birdman, a fixture in Drake’s career since his early days under Lil Wayne’s label Young Money, has been staunchly defending him against critics — but that hasn’t stopped him from taking swipes at other artists. He recently addressed Gillie Da Kid’s longtime claims about writing for Lil Wayne and receiving no credit.

“I never put a record out with Gillie,” said Birdman. “I ain’t never made a dollar off Gillie when he be runnin’ around with all that cappin’, like, (…) I ain’t never made no money off you.”

Gillie has long asserted that he co-wrote rhymes with Lil Wayne in the mid-2000s, while both were signed under Cash Money Records. He claimed to have ghostwritten multiple songs that led to Lil Wayne’s breakout success in 2004. Numerous artists have refuted his claims.