MONDO 2023: Artists and Executives Exchange Ideas on Generative AI and Learning Models in Music

MONDO 2023 Conference facilitated in-depth exchange of ideas on artist career development, in the face of incredible AI revolutions taking the music industry by storm.

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The eighth MONDO conference set the stage for panel discussions on how AI stimulates change within the music industry. Every year, the conference brings together a global music community alongside technology insiders to discuss the industry’s latest issues and evolutions.

Hosted at the Williamsburg Hotel on the North Brooklyn waterfront, MONDO 2023 also took over independent club venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn for live showcase performances. MONDO 2023 attendees brought with them the vibe and soul of Brooklyn, and the conference kickoff party saw the bar quickly fill up with attendees making new connections.

With tech reminders on every corner, it was fitting that Artificial Intelligence was one of the most frequently discussed topics at the Water Tower venue.

Antony Demekhin, cofounder and CEO of Tuney, spoke to DMN about copyright tracking and attribution when AI is involved. “Deep learning can obscure copyright and sourcing, which makes it hard to keep track of royalties and provide proper attribution to rights holders who input into a deep learning system.”

Demekhin further explained that Tuney’s answer is a loop and sample-based generative music algorithm, because it receives ‘copyright protection, does not obscure ownership, and has full trackability.’ He added, “In the future, there might be systems and legislation that comes into place to make tracking and one-to-one attribution possible in deep learning models, but it’s not possible in 2023. I think sampling and a loop-based generative approach is the way to go for now.”

Panelist Jamie Gale tackled AI discussions on the stage, revealing how AI-generated vocals exposed themselves by being ‘too perfect.’

“We remember Otis Redding, Billie Holiday, Ozzy Osbourne, Johnny Cash, and Neil Young. Whether you like their voices or not, the fact is that the memorable voices of the world we know because of their imperfections — not their perfections,” said Gale.

DMN also spoke to Tanielle Doyle, who revealed that her agency Ethos and Power performs a special type of artist management. “We focus on the actual artist, outside of their careers — the things that matter most to them. We also create experiential events, and really present them and their brands to the world and find really great activations — especially music related.”

MONDO 2023’s schedule was packed with events, including panels, workshops, networking sessions, and artist showcases.

Artist and founder of indie label Family First Music Group, Matthew Maxwell, told DMN he was at MONDO 2023, ‘reconnecting with old colleagues, getting to know new faces, and growing our community and team, and the artists we serve.’

Artists and tech leaders continued to network at off-site spots like K’Far Brooklyn. The tech-connected MONDO week was a thoughtful and informative conference introducing new ideas on AI, catalog financing, technology law, and other pressing industry topics.

MONDO 2023 took place on October 10 – 13, 2023.