Finding His True Calling: SKARS’ Journey to Music Stardom

Photo Credit: SKARS
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Photo Credit: SKARS

SKARS, formerly known as Big Steppa Drew, is an emerging talent in the music industry, quickly amassing a devoted following of hundreds of thousands of fans and listeners.

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Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, SKARS had a remarkable start in athletics, excelling in tennis and even achieving the prestigious number-one ranking in the nation for boys 12 and under. However, his true calling lay in music, a passion he discovered at a young age, prompting him to make a pivotal decision to pursue it at the age of 13.

SKARS’ journey into music began when he started taking singing lessons at just 11 years old. His initiation into the world of music was catalyzed by a close friend already creating music. Recognizing SKARS’ immense talent and unwavering passion, this friend encouraged him to acquire the necessary equipment and begin recording his songs. This pivotal moment marked the inception of SKARS’ promising musical journey.

What sets SKARS apart is the deeply emotive nature of his music, which resonates with those who may be grappling with feelings of solitude and pain. His inspirations include iconic artists like Kurt Cobain, The Weeknd, and xxxtentacion. The emotional rawness of Kurt Cobain’s expression has profoundly influenced SKARS, motivating him to craft music that provides healing and comfort to those who have experienced moments of feeling lost or broken, much like xxxtentacion and Lil Peep did for him.

In the coming weeks, SKARS is set to release his debut album, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” scheduled for November 24th. This marks a significant milestone in his career, showcasing the evolution of his sound and style. As he readies to unveil this full-length project, SKARS is on the cusp of taking his artistic journey to the next level.

In the interim, as fans eagerly await the album’s release, SKARS has dropped a new single, “Sign from the Universe.” This track provides a glimpse into the emotional depth and musical prowess that “Nothing Lasts Forever” promises to deliver. SKARS’ unique blend of heartfelt lyrics and evocative melodies continues to establish him as a rising star with immense potential in the music industry.

In summary, this artist is making waves in the music industry with his unique and emotionally charged music. His journey toward becoming a successful music artist is a testament to the transformative power of following one’s true calling. With his debut album “Nothing Lasts Forever” on the horizon and his recent release “Sign from the Universe,” SKARS is solidifying his presence in the music world and captivating the hearts of his rapidly growing fanbase.

His emotionally resonant sound and powerful storytelling are sure to leave an indelible mark on the music industry and the listeners who connect with his music on Spotify.