Newly Released Album “Feel” by Alt-Pop Sensation Tim Qualls

Tim Qualls
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Tim Qualls
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Photo: Tim Qualls

Notable alt-pop artist Tim Qualls recently released his new album Feel, which elicits emotions from start to finish.

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The most prominent aspect of music is its enigmatic way of pulling at our heartstrings, holding the unique power to transplant listeners to times and places long-forgotten or unvisited. Filled with ten emotionally charged tracks, Qualls’ new album lives up to music’s vital role in our lives, touching on themes of love, family, and self-discovery.

Feel puts the Houston-based singer’s distinct vision and creative approach on display. From the opening song, “Stay,” to the title track, “Feel,” and the final piece, “Mine,” Qualls takes his listeners on a sincere journey through the apexes and pitfalls of what it means to find yourself and the things that matter most to you. Speaking directly on the opening track, “Stay,” was a pivotal moment in his musical career as it sparked the inspiration needed to write the rest of the album. Qualls has been renowned as a musician for his rootsy, soulful, and elaborate contributions to alt-pop.

As the zenith of a 15-year journey thus far, Feel articulately recounts the singer’s life involvements and rich tapestry of emotions that transport the listener into the recesses of his experiences.

Although some tracks on the new album are ensconced in heartache, much like many of the most potent tracks Qualls created throughout his career, they are complimented by his unparalleled positive outlook. Where many other artists might wallow, he can take his listeners along the genuine rollercoaster of feelings that make our daily lives fraught with complexities and misunderstandings.

Influenced by artistic legends like Ray Charles, John Mayer, and Jamie Cullum, Qualls has taken an approach to his sound and lyrics that few others have touched. Other musicians have likened his sound to a unique soul artist who simply croons on the piano, bringing a much-needed vibe of light and love into the darkness of a divided world. And no song on his new album is an exception to the demonstrations of transformative soundscapes tethered to his creativity for years. Each song radiates his passion, immense fervor for personal expression, and deeply layered emotions.

Where the opening track, “Stay,” is a bittersweet love song fueled by the thirst to keep someone by your side, the title song, “Feel,” lays out a subdued reflection of uncertainty. While “I Swear to God I Tried” infuses the cello, working alongside Qualls vocals and lyrics to portray the story of losing love in the face of challenges, “Family Ties” is a wholehearted tribute to the longing felt when we are separated from our family. The impossible-to-ignore dark overtones behind “This World” are brilliantly muffled by an upbeat sound to create a resonating conflict with listeners. With ten tracks sure to stir up emotions within any listener, Qualls’ latest album, Feel, is bound to be a favorite within your record collection.