Beyonce Concert Film Reportedly Suffers 77% Box Office Dip During Second Weekend

beyonce renaissance tour movie
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beyonce renaissance tour movie
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Beyonce performing live during the Renaissance Tour. Photo Credit: Raph_PH

Beyonce’s Renaissance film reportedly suffered a 77 percent box office drop during its second weekend in theaters.

The nearly three-hour movie, entitled Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce and centering on the namesake 56-date tour, released theatrically on Friday, December 1st. And as we reported, the AMC-distributed work had an impressive opening weekend, slightly outpacing domestic projections and just failing to hit global forecasts en route to pulling in $21.8 million or so.

According to Deadline, however, Renaissance’s second-weekend showing dipped to roughly $5 million, falling about 77 percent from the same three-day stretch at December’s start.

Consisting specifically of $1.6 million from Friday ticket sales, $2.1 million from Saturday, and the remaining $1.3 million from Sunday, the sum boosted the concert film’s total domestic box office to around $28.5 million, per The Numbers.

The outlet also identified $5.5 million in Renaissance revenue attributable to international ticket sales – the lion’s share of which derived from fans in the UK – for an overall global box office of about $34 million through Sunday.

While Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Eras Tour film likewise experienced a double-digit box office decline following a strong first weekend, the older project’s opening was far larger than that turned in by Renaissance. All told, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, which is still showing in certain theaters, has raked in north of a quarter of a billion dollars since debuting in mid-October.

Needless to say, it’s possible that the Eras Tour movie’s popularity may have impacted the performance of Renaissance, including by rendering some overlapping fans uninterested in spending another three hours watching a concert film in theaters. (The releases have almost identical runtimes, at 169 minutes for The Eras Tour and 168 minutes for Renaissance.)

Moreover, it’s hardly a secret that the Renaissance Tour was extremely popular, generating a reported $579 million; fueled by a seemingly endless collection of psyched Swifties, the ongoing Eras Tour has reportedly pulled in over $1 billion.

Consequently, it stands to reason that more than a few fans, having already been entertained by the in-person shows, are uninterested in the concert films – or, at the very least, are committed to waiting until they hit streaming services.

Even for the months-old Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, though, this presumably much-anticipated streaming service arrival (on monthly subscription platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Max, that is) hasn’t yet come to fruition. Rather, the Eras Tour movie is scheduled to become available to rent on-demand for a cool $19.89 beginning this Wednesday.

Those who shell out the sizable sum will have 48 hours to watch the rental-only film, complete with three songs not included in the theatrical release, per reports.