CRS Unveils 2024 Research Presentation About On-Air Talent

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Country Radio Seminar (CRS) has revealed its 2024 research presentation will focus on on-air personalities and their importance to radio platforms.

The following was created in collaboration with Country Radio Seminar (CRS), a company DMN is proud to be partnering with.

Entitled, “…But They Have A Great Personality: On Air Talent And Their Roles On All Platforms,” this year’s study focuses on the impact and influence on-air personalities have across various radio platforms from terrestrial radio, satellite radio, and digital service providers (DSPs).

Slated for February 29, 2024 the CRS 2024 presentation will explore key areas crucial to the evolution of radio broadcasting. It will address questions like what audiences seek in their listening experiences, the distinctiveness of personalities as a competitive advantage, the relevance of ‘live & local’ content, and the enduring value of top-quality content. It will also explore how personality-driven approaches resonate across different groups in country music consumption.

Across its three day run, CRS 2024 will also feature several discussions and town halls about the development of AI and its impact in the industry. Some of those sessions include, “AI: Work Smarter, Not Harder” and AI Chat GBT: The Good, The Bad, The Truth.”

CRS has partnered with Smith Geiger Group, a renowned research firm known for its expertise in serving high-profile brands, including CMA, The Recording Academy, ESPN, Google, NPR, Facebook, Paramount, and others. CRS says the collaboration underscores its commitment to providing the country music community with valuable insights into listeners trends, habits, and preferences.

“This year at CRS we’re going to give right into the talent pool,” adds Clay Hunnicutt, Chair of the CRS Research Committee. “With the Smith Geiger Group, we’ll show what the Country audience is looking for in their daily listening, and where and when personalities on all platforms are a help, a hindrance, or a point of differentiation. You’ll be able to leave with some amazing takeaways and action points to get the most out of your key personalities, and you’ll be able to put your money where your ‘mouths’ are.”

CRS has been at the forefront of conducting extensive research for decades, helping the industry understand and forecast trends within the country music listening community. These initiatives have been instrumental in guiding attendees to adapt, innovate, and thrive in an ever-evolving media landscape.

Country Radio Seminar 2024 is set for February 28—March 1 at the Omni Nashville Hotel. Registration for CRS 2024 is now available for purchase at the official website.