DMN Pro Welcomes to Speak at Our Upcoming ‘What Is Radio In 2024?’ Event Later This Month

what is radio in 2024 event dmn pro
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what is radio in 2024 event dmn pro
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Digital Music News is hosting an upcoming event for DMN Pro members entitled “What Is Radio In 2024?” — with multiple authoritative voices mapping out the future of this complex format. Technologist and renowned performer will be one of several panelists joining the discussion on the state of radio in the music industry in 2024 in all of its various iterations—AM/FM, internet radio, satellite radio, DSP-based radio, Pandora, and more.

On April 25th, music+tech juggernaut re-joins the conversation with DMN Pro subscribers after his pivotal appearance during our ‘Rules for AI’ industry-focused event last year. This time, the event will focus on the vast number of formats that fit the ‘radio’ description, including AM/FM, satellite, streaming iterations, and even newfangled concoctions like Spotify’s AI DJ.

Throughout, we’ll pick apart the data on each platform’s reach, the revenues each generates, and what makes sense for artists to pitch (and how).

This event is free to attend for DMN Pro subscribers (if you’re not yet subscribed, join us here).

Will is at the forefront of how AI technology is being utilized in the current music industry.

His SiriusXM show, ‘ Presents the FYI Show,’ features an AI radio DJ as his co-host—dubbed qd.pi (pronounced literally to sound like ‘cutie-pie’). With his AI radio DJ co-host, Will is at the intersection of new uses for artificial intelligence and radio programming.

Will’s adoption of AI technology raises fascinating questions about the future role of artificial intelligence in radio, the music industry, and beyond. Can AI learn to understand and predict human emotional responses to music? Might AI eventually create its own music tailored to personalized listening preferences — or will humans always crave the realness of other humans?

The precedent set by in entrusting an AI with an active co-hosting role extends beyond gimmickry and serves as a powerful exploration of human-AI collaboration. The show may initially attract curious listeners intrigued by the novelty, but the interplay of humanity and AI sophistication could hold the potential to retain an audience long-term.

Beyond his Sirius XM collaboration, Will has also been busy establishing a partnership with Mercedes-Benz to turn their cars into a ‘virtual musical instrument.’

The interactive music experience inside Mercedes-Benz cars turns drivers into composers, thanks to their partnership with Will and the Sound Drive system.

The MBUX Sound Drive connects the vehicle’s hardware with music software using in-car signals. The system employs sensors and advanced software to interpret driving dynamics, steering, breaking, and recuperation—transforming them into musical expressions.

At the heart of the MBUX Sound Drive system lies a network of sensors intricately woven throughout the Mercedes-Benz vehicle. These sensors capture a variety of driving dynamics, from the fluidity of the steering and the responsiveness of the braking to the efficiency of energy recuperation. Each maneuver executed by the driver is then translated by the system into musical notes and rhythms, in real time, offering a responsive and interactive musical composition unique to each drive.

Other participants for this upcoming event discussing every aspect of radio include:

  • Joel Denver | Founder, All Access Music Group
  • RJ Curtis | Executive Director, CRB
  • Mike Huppe | CEO of SoundExchange
  • Rahul Sabnis | EVP, Chief Creative Officer, iHeartMedia
  • Lee Abrams | Commander, Lee Abrams MediaVisions
  • Paul Resnikoff | Publisher, Digital Music News

When Is It?

This Digital Music News event is taking place April 25th at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET.