PPL Signs Lewis Capaldi for International Royalty Collection

PPL signs Lewis Capaldi
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PPL signs Lewis Capaldi
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Photo Credit: Justin Higuchi / CC by 2.0

PPL signs singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi for international royalty collection — PPL’s first announced signing in 2024.

London-based PPL, which licenses the use of recorded music in the UK and collects neighboring rights royalties on behalf of performers and rightsholders worldwide, has announced its first signing of 2024 with Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi.

Capaldi will benefit from PPL’s network of over 110 agreements with collective management organizations (CMOs) internationally, as the company collects royalties on his behalf for the use of his music on radio, TV, and public spaces.

The news follows PPL’s recent announcement that it had paid out £18.8 million ($23.7 million) of international revenue in its Q1 distribution to over 22,000 performers and recording rights holders.

Lewis Capaldi is one of the UK’s most successful solo artists, and the first artist to sell out an arena tour before releasing an album. His debut, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, was the biggest album in the UK for two consecutive years.

In 2022, he was crowned the “King of Streaming” by the Official Charts Company when he overthrew Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” to become the UK’s most streamed song of all time.

“Lewis Capaldi stands out as one of the most accomplished and dedicated performers to come out of the UK in recent years. To have him choose PPL for the international collection of his neighboring rights income is a great way to end the first quarter,” said PPL Chief Membership and People Officer Kate Reilly. “We are committed to ensuring that the neighboring rights royalties he earns from the use of his records reflects the extensive global impact of his music.”

Capaldi’s manager, Ryan Walter, Managing Director of Interlude Artists, concluded: “We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with the brilliant team at PPL who consistently demonstrate exceptional dedication, care, and attention to detail across Neighboring Rights; it’s an honor to have the chance to work alongside them.”

Recently, Lewis Capaldi’s sense of humor and enduring popularity saw him score the highest number of views on TikTok of any UK artist in 2023. He also received a Grammy nomination for his Netflix film, How I’m Feeling Now.