Warner Chappell Music Shifts European Digital Licensing Administration to ICE

ICE WCM euro digital licensing admin
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ICE WCM euro digital licensing admin
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Photo Credit: ICE Services

Warner Chappell Music (WCM) extends its partnership with ICE to shift all European digital licensing administration to the integrated processing hub.

The expanded deal will see ICE providing the music publisher more autonomy in the way it licenses digital services across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The announcement follows a 10-month review to assess both existing providers and new entrants to the market to identify the best solution for WCM’s songwriters, composers, and producers.

Warner Chappell Music has operated with multiple partners since launching its multi-territory digital licensing initiative in 2006. The move to consolidate with a single service provider reflects the stability of their partnership and the benefits ICE is able to deliver at scale.

“At Warner Chappell, we’re always striving to ensure that our songwriters, composers, and producers are paid accurately and quickly,” said Guy Moot, Co-Chair and CEO of Warner Chappell Music. “In today’s digital music market, there are vast volumes of data to process, and we need to work with a reliable partner to ensure we’re delivering best-in-class service. ICE has always proved to be an innovative and flexible partner, so we’re delighted to expand our relationship with them.”

Daniel Lang, VP of International Digital Licensing & Society Relations at Warner Chappell Music, added: “We’ve decided to expand our partnership with ICE after conducing a comprehensive review of service providers on the market. Based both on its existing track record and its future plans, it was clear that ICE should be our partner of choice.”

“There are huge technology demands with constantly evolving and fast-moving online uses of music, so it’s vital to have a partner that is agile, leads with industry-first solutions, and operates on a large scale.”

“I’d also like to thank the stellar account management team at ICE, who have worked tirelessly on our business, and been crucial to the success of our partnership to date,” Lang concludes.

“We’re delighted that Warner Chappell has selected ICE as its sole PEDL partner, and the recognition that represents the superior service levels and innovation ICE offers,” says Ben McEwen, Chief Commercial Officer at ICE. “We are focused on ensuring the greatest songwriter returns on the market in everything we do. […] It’s a significant decision and we’re committed to continuing to deliver the best services on the market.”