Stephanie Babirak Explores Wounds of Betrayal in Single “Hey Cain”

Photo Credit: Stephanie Babirak
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Photo Credit: Stephanie Babirak
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Photo Credit: Stephanie Babirak

Adding an electrifying indie-rock flair to her repertoire of harp melodies, artist Stephanie Babirak displays her musical prowess by releasing the captivating single “Hey Cain.”

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The single opens up a new chapter for the renowned New York City-based harpist. Infusing the track with resonant emotions, Babirak departs from her classical roots to boldly venture into the indie-rock genre. Staying true to her seasoned artistry, “Hey Cain” includes compelling storytelling, melodies, and a memorable listening experience.

Placing a magnifying glass on themes of grief and betrayal, “Hey Cain” gathers biblical inspiration from the story of Old Testament brothers Cain and Abel and its classic tale of betrayal. Haunting instrumentals combine with thoughtful lyrics to craft a distinct take on unkindness, impatience, and acceptance. A symphony of diverse sounds, each verse and chorus guides listeners through the valleys of despair before rising above tumultuous times to finally move toward healing.

Stephanie Babirak weaves a dream-like sound into “Hey Cain,” a folk-rock composition that echoes the style of acclaimed artists like Phoebe Bridgers. What sets this track apart is Babirak’s signature harp, which adds an ethereal quality to the song.

From the first note, listeners are transported into the song’s rich and poignant world. It’s a testament to Babirak’s unique musicality. Collaborators Peter Scoma and Cody Geil shine with their energetic and unique mix, further enhancing the track’s appeal.

“Hey Cain” especially captures attention with its rousing chorus and airy harmonies. Keeping listeners on their toes throughout the song, Babirak then slows down the pace in the mesmerizing verses as she draws listers in with a hypnotic sense of soul before the anthemic chorus bursts back into play.

Intimately expressing the universal experience of loss, longing, and the intricacies of love, “Hey Cain” offers up vulnerable lyrics like  “your love don’t look like mine” and “finding it hard to believe, are you happy without me.”

The raw honesty resonates with listeners eager for a cathartic song that shows it understands the complexities of relationships.

“Hey Cain” is a radiant addition to the many achievements and creative contributions Babirak has made throughout her music career. Her journey as a harpist has taken her worldwide, including performing at the Lincoln Center and on international stages. Collaborating with some of the biggest names in the music industry, Babirak is recognized as a true talent with much more success and reach in store. Babirak is stepping further into her calling with “Hey Cain” as she proves a willingness to push the boundaries of her artistry and explore new lanes of music.

Understanding the importance of evolving as an artist, Stephanie Babirak continues strengthening her gifts as a musician and vocalist, with “Hey Cain” being a bright step in the right direction.

The track’s heartfelt lyrics, harmonious vocals, powerful themes of grief and healing, and immersive whirl of instruments make “Hey Cain” a single to remember. Babirak’s versatility, authenticity, and distinct musicality come out in “Hey Cain,” allowing everyone to be inspired to heal from betrayals through the song’s impactful message. The song is available on all major streaming platforms.