Warner Music Latina Inks Global Deal with Tokischa to Launch New Record Label, SOL

Warner Music Latina Tokischa
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Warner Music Latina Tokischa
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Photo Credit: Memo Parra, Brenda Carrasco, Alejandro Duque, Angelica Piche, Tokischa, Natalie Cotton, Roberto Andrade Dirak, Francisco Granados, Aton Ben-Horin

Warner Music Latina inks a global partnership with Dominican artist Tokischa to launch SOL, the artist’s own record label.

Warner Music Latina (WML) announces a global partnership with renowned Dominican artist Tokischa to launch her own record label, SOL, in partnership with her manager Angelica Piche, within WML. The deal is supported by Atlantic Records and marks a significant milestone in Tokischa’s career.

“We’re excited to welcome Tokischa to the Warner Music family. She is an artist who takes counterculture to its highest and best expression. It is a privilege to be part of this new chapter in her career, help expand her global impact and support her limitless creative vision,” reads a statement from Warner Music Latina.

“We are thrilled to launch SOL, a record label that will be a home for misunderstood artists. It’s very important for us to give a voice and a space to people who, like us, started from scratch,” said Angelica Piche, SOL’s co-founder, who is in charge of the project’s development.

“Tokischa is a one-of-one artist. We could not be more excited to be part of this next chapter of her career and working alongside Angelica, Alejandro [Duque], and the entire team,” said Atlantic Music Group Chairman and CEO Julie Greenwald and Atlantic Records Chairman and CEO Craig Kallman.

The partnership will empower Warner Music Latina alongside its international team and record labels to introduce Tokischa’s music to new audiences, bolstering her presence across diverse countries and cultures, and ultimately establishing her as a global star.

Tokischa has challenged traditional perceptions about the role of women in music, with her unique and authentic style. Since her debut, she has soared in popularity among Latina artists while championing an impactful message of empowerment, self-acceptance, and liberty, attracting a diverse and continually growing audience.

She has collaborated with artists like Madonna, Rosalía, J Balvin, Ozuna, and Marshmello, and has been recognized by international media, which has brought the Dominican Republic’s vibrant local music scene to the global stage.

In addition to her music, Tokischa is active in the fashion scene, attending events like the CFDA Fashion Awards, the Latin American Fashion Awards, and most recently starring in Jean Paul Gaultier’s new TRÈS GAULTIER campaign alongside Amelia Gray.