Paul Broucek of Warner Bros. Pictures: The Magic of Scoring Movie Soundtracks

paul broucek on the conduit podcast hosted by dan ubick
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On this episode of ‘The Conduit,’ host Dan Ubick sits down with Paul Broucek to discuss the producer’s role as president of music at Warner Bros. Pictures.

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Crafting an engaging, emotive film score is a complex process that demands a harmonious blend of artistic flair, collaborative prowess, and an acute understanding of the film’s narrative. A great score transports listeners to the heart of the story, instilling the audience with awe, fear, elation, and despondence in the space of two hours.

The musicians behind these scores are responsible for compositions that imbue the story with an unforgettable essence, constructing themes that stimulate the imagination and evoke a range of emotions. Today’s guest, Paul Broucek, is an entertainment heavyweight who oversees Warner Bros. Pictures’ score production as their president of music. 

Welcome to The Conduit, a podcast featuring candid conversations with professional musicians who give listeners the unvarnished truth about being an artist in the music business today.

In today’s episode, host and L.A.-based DJ, producer, and musician Dan Ubick (aka Constantine “Connie” Price) sits down with Paul Broucek to discuss the producer’s fascinating career in film scoring. “I wanted to be the kind of producer who understood the tools and understood how [making music] is done,” says Paul, who, as a talented pianist and composer, has written music for a variety of projects over the years. 

As the president of music at Warner Bros. Pictures, a position he’s held since 2012, Paul supervises all aspects of music production for the studio’s films, working alongside filmmakers and composers to craft scores that leave an indelible mark on audiences: “My favorite space in the world is to be in a recording studio,” he says. Paul is also a frequent speaker and panelist at industry events, generously sharing his insight and expertise with aspiring musicians. 

In our conversation, Paul discusses the path that led him to his career, the various projects he’s completed, and the magic of scoring a soundtrack for a film.

We dive into the art of managing expectations, the process of making music for a movie, and why composing scores is an ego-driven business.

Paul also shares the musical inspirations with the greatest impact on his work and why it pays to be prepared: “[Luck] is preparing yourself for things that you are interested in so you can recognize when an opportunity comes along—then you can act on it.” Tune into today’s episode of the Conduit and discover what it takes to excel in the film scoring industry with invaluable insights from Paul Brocek.