Deadmau5 Catalog Remains on Spotify Despite Takedown Threats

Deadmau5 Spotify threats
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Deadmau5 Spotify threats
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Photo Credit: Spotify

Despite calling out Spotify CEO Daniel Ek and threatening to pull his catalog from the streaming service, Deadmau5’s music remains on Spotify.

A few weeks after Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s controversial comments about the cost of creating content being “close to zero,” electronic music artist Deadmau5 took to Instagram to weigh in.

Asserting that “the cost of creating content was 25+ years of my life and much of those proceeds going to [Spotify],” the 43-year-old artist, whose name is Joel Zimmerman, also responded to a fan comment and revealed that he might pull his catalog from the streaming service.

“I’m about to pull my catalog from these f—ing vultures,” wrote Zimmerman. “Enough’s enough.”

But unlike Neil Young, an artist who pulled his catalog from Spotify just a day after threatening to do so, Deadmau5’s catalog remains on the service. Currently, Deadmau5 has just under five million monthly listeners on Spotify, but that’s not his only source of income, between DJ sets, live shows, and his web3 and metaverse dealings.

For his part, Joel Zimmerman is no stranger to making controversial statements, and his fans well know this. But usually, these remarks — like those directed at Spotify and Daniel Ek — are directed at specific situations or other artists. During a recent interview, Deadmau5 reflected on his career as an electronic musician, and revealed that he doesn’t actually enjoy listening to the genre of music he creates.

“I don’t really enjoy dance music. I don’t partake,” said the Canadian artist, explaining that his career in EDM happened more or less by accident. “I don’t pump it in my car. […] I love the process of making it. I like the technical challenges. I like sonic development.”

Deadmau5 was inducted into Canadian Music Week’s Music Industry Hall of Fame earlier this month in recognition of his 25-year career in music. His latest endeavor is a tour in celebration of the milestone, called Retro5pective: 25yrs of Deadmau5.

Whether he will ultimately make good on his threat to pull his catalog from Spotify remains to be seen, but with nearly five million monthly listeners on the platform, he would become the highest-profile artist to do so.