DMN Pro Weekly: Everything You Need To Know About Recent ‘User-Centric’ and ‘Artist-Centric’ Streaming Royalty Developments

In our latest DMN Pro Weekly deep-dive, we track the dizzying developments surrounding the music industry’s potential shifts in streaming platform compensation and catalog the proposed changes across both user- and artist-centric compensation methods. Critical players in this report include Deezer, Universal Music Group, Spotify, Believe, AIM, A2IM, SACEM, Wagram Music, and Stem Disintermedia.

Report Table of Contents

1. Artist Centric Royalties: A Bigger Cut?

Universal Music Group and Deezer partnership ‘reimagines’ how monetization of publishing rights occurs, aiming to ensure ‘fairer’ compensation for rights owners.

2. UMG & Deezer: Four Basic Enhancements For Artist-Centric Royalties

Reward ‘professional artists’ and fan engagement, demonetize non-music content and tackle fraud.

3. UMG CEO Sir Lucian Grainge: ‘Merchants Of Garbage’

Blunt words for those opposing the artist-centric royalties remuneration system.

4. Impala, Believe, A2IM, & AIM: Indies & The Artist Centric Controversy

Recognized players in the digital music ecosystem have weighed in on how the model might play out in practice.

5. Spotify’s 1,000-Stream Threshold

At least two-thirds of Spotify’s catalog may no longer qualify to receive royalties. In all likelihood, more than 80% of creators will be cut off.