Verizon Snags AC/DC Download Exclusive, Restrictions Apply

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Verizon Wireless is now trumpeting an exclusive download deal involving AC/DC, a longtime digital holdout.

The deal is currently the focus of a number of Verizon Wireless advertisements, which also feature the LG Chocolate.  Elsewhere, Verizon executives are hoisting the arrangement as a score over iTunes, normally a favorite for exclusives like these.  “You won’t be able to get this through any other mobile carrier and you certainly won’t be able to get it through iTunes,” said John Harrobin, senior vice president for marketing and digital media at Verizon Wireless in comments this morning to the Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, Verizon is heavily promoting the catalog to its subscribers both online and via mobile decks.  But interested fans are being subjected to a number of strings attached, including an inability to purchase individual downloads.  Except for the track “You Shook Me All Night Long,” all full-song downloads must be purchased within bundled albums.  Moreover, the remaining catalog must also be purchased on the Verizon Wireless website, and subsequently sideloaded to the device.  The restrictions could explain the choice of partner for AC/DC, especially considering that Apple rarely permits album-only purchases.  Verizon is also spinning a number of exclusive ringback tones from the band.