NPR Readies Revamped Music Destination, Launch Next Week

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National Public Radio (NPR) is now planning an overhaul of its online music destination, according to information shared with Digital Music News on Wednesday.

The US-based syndicator of public radio content is no stranger to music – and programs like “All Songs Considered” prove it – though the group is steadily ramping its focus.  Online, already offers a large amount of musical content, though the upgrade promises more multimedia content and a broadened destination.

The move allows the network to better address an audience that increasingly discovers and consumes music online.  The stepped-up site will include easy access to member station streams, concerts, interviews, news stories, reviews, blogs, and artist profiles, according to the preliminary information.  The fresh destination will also include various discovery aspects, and traverse genres like rock, pop, folk, classical, jazz, blues, world, and urban.  A launch is expected on Monday, November 5th, possibly in beta form.