NIN Injecting Steroids Into Radiohead Model

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Nine Inch Nails identity Trent Reznor is now injecting steroids into the Radiohead, name-your-price sales model.

Reznor started offering copies of his latest release, Ghosts I-IV, on Sunday night with a range of free and paid options.

Fans can download the first nine MP3s of the collection for free, complete with a 40-page, PDF booklet.  The larger, 36-song collection is $5, a package that includes various formats.

A number of physical configurations are also offered, coupled with digital versions.  A double-disc digipak, which includes a 16-page booklet, is available for $10.  A four-disc version, which includes a data DVD and Blu-ray video content, is positioned for $75.

An ultra-premium version is also available for $300, in a limited edition.  The numbered top tier is a four-vinyl, four-disc collection, and includes special prints, packaging and a Reznor autograph.

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