The Incredibly Discounted CD: Now at Wal-Mart

Vinyl + CD Sales Were Bigger Than Music Download Sales In 2017
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Want cheap CDs?

Wal-Mart has been pressuring major label groups to lower wholesale pricing for quite some time.  And the results of those efforts are now being felt.

Currently on, fresh titles from Michael Buble, Josh Groban, and Blake Shelton are available for $5, and other titles are available sub-$10.

Cheaper discs are now available both online and in-store, part of an aggressive downward trend.  In fact, a large percentage of CDs are expected to carry the basement tags in the near term.  “I think this will have the most impact on the music industry this year,” said David Pakman, chief executive of eMusic, during a discussion at MusEXPO in Los Angeles on Monday.

The demands are more than just a competitive pricing play for Wal-Mart.  Instead, they appear to be part of a broader category decision by the discount giant.  And, at higher prices, the pre-recorded CD category may simply be too expensive for the Wal-Mart demographic – and therefore, unworthy of shelf space.