Days Before Launch, Vevo Dealmaking Continues

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Ahead of its coming-out date of December 8th, music video platform Vevo is still striking content deals.

The latest involves CBS Interactive Music Group, umbrella for and a variety of CBS Radio stations.  Actually, news of broadcaster-related discussions first surfaced in early September, and the presence of a partner like CBS Radio opens the programming possibilities further.

And, stretches the conversation to a new and interesting place.  In terms of the bigger content picture, music videos are a major part of the concept, though plenty of room remains for artist-related interviews, clips, stations, performances, and other formats.

Vevo, a venture currently involving Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, YouTube, and Abu Dhabi Media Co., is kicking itself off at a party in downtown Manhattan next week.  The official launch time is actually the evening of December 8th, according to company tweets.