INgrooves Responds: Ours Is Less Lopsided, Thank You

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Just three providers account for 94.4 percent of global indie revenues, according to AIM.

But INgrooves says its percentages are far less lopsided.  Specifically, the top three – iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon – account for 74.5 percent of total digital revenues at the San Francisco-based INgrooves, leaving a healthier 25.5 percent for the others.  “We think it’s important to clarify the difference in the AIM report and our own numbers regarding indie digital revenues,” INgrooves CEO Robb McDaniels told Digital Music News.  “Independent labels that expand their retail network will benefit from a significant advantage; they will see more revenue and more worldwide activity in the digital marketplace.”

So, should indie labels simply be more expansive?  Or, is INgrooves saying that AIM – which represents a large number of indie labels across the globe – is spreading inaccuracies?  “We thought that the AIM report might contain some misleading information about those numbers representing the independent sector as a whole,” an INgrooves rep continued.

So, let the data smackdown begin?  But where’s A2IM, in some senses the US-based counterpart to AIM?  On that note, A2IM chief Rich Bengloff declined any comment to Digital Music News, and AIM has also clammed up, for that matter.  But we’re doing a little more digging, including some research into exactly what percentage iTunes – the big kahuna in this discussion – really contributes to indie digital revenues, worldwide.  Stay tuned.